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Re: RETF and Other Treefrogs,

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Posted by cold_blooded on March 30, 2003 at 00:26:00:

In Reply to: RETF and Other Treefrogs, posted by DayGeckoDan on March 29, 2003 at 18:04:39:

actually, thats not entirely true. Community tanks are alright if you do lots of research, provide a large cage ( 50 gallon) and provide suitable hides and conditions for all frogs. They all have to be the same size, need the same temps and humidity, non aggresive, and need to be quarintined for three months. It is not something for begginers.


Frequently Asked Questions


David Doyle

(last edited 09/18/2002)

If you have additional questions or questions you think should be covered here, please Contact Me.

Questions covered:

What species is good for beginners?

What size tank should I buy for a "beginner" setup?

What do I need? and How much is it going to COST?

How many frogs can I have in my setup?

Can I mix different species or morphs?

Is it OK to cross breed species or morphs?

Can I keep other animals in the same setup?

Do I have to culture fruit flies?

What temp and humidity should I maintain?

What substrate should I use?

How and Where can I get frogs?

Q - What species is good for beginners?

A - 1st let's look at the frogs a beginner should avoid.

Wild caught animals often have parasites and are stressed from the capture and shipping. Due to these conditions, they often do not survive. If you see an adult frog for sale in a pet shop, 95% of the time, it is a wild caught animal and should be avoided.

Small species - These are often called the "Thumbnail frogs" because they are the size of your thumbnail. Froglets of these species are even smaller and are very adept at escaping. They require very small food.

Shy Frogs - If you never get to see your frog, you are going to lose interest in the animal.

Good "beginner" species:

D. auratus This has been "the starter" frog for sometime. Many people breed them, and they are very affordable ($20 - $35 ea). Keep the humidity high in the tanks, otherwise they can be shy. For more info click here.
D. leucomelas Great beginner frog (a great frog, regardless). Very colorful, hardy, easy to breed, not too expensive (approx. $45), great call. Some individuals can be shy, but most of mine are not. For more info click here.
D. azureus Another good frog. Nice colors, bold, hardy, fairly easy to breed, more expensive than the leucomelas but affordable (approx. $65). For more info click here.
D. tinctorius There is a wide variety of morphs of D. tinctorius and the price ranges from $40 - $200 ea. They are very colorful, bold, easy to breed, and hardy. For more info click here.
P. Bicolor One of the frogs used for the darts. Nice colors, bold, hardy, easy to breed. They are also affordable being around $30 - $50 ea. For more info click here.

P. terribilis

This is the main frog used for the darts. It is a big frog that is NOT shy and can eat larger food. Seems to be hardy and easy to breed. The mint morphs are running around $60 ea and the yellow and orange morphs are around $100 ea. For more info click here.

Q - What size tank should i buy for a "beginner" setup?

A - I normally recommend a 20 gal. - 38 gal. tank for the 1st setup. They are big enough that you can have a nice setup and the environment stays fairly constant. These tanks are also not so big that the frogs get lost. For more housing info. click here.

Q - What do I need and how much is it going to COST?

See Starting Cost

Q- How many frogs can I have in my setup?

A - The rule of thumb is 1 frog per 5 gallons or 0.5 sq ft (465 sq cm) of floor area.

Q - Can I mix different species or morphs?

A - Yes and no. If the animals require the same conditions they can be housed together but problems may arise. One species may be more aggressive and out compete the other for food. Also, frogs of the same species can cross breed and this is frowned upon frog folks. If you are just starting, pick one species and devote your time and resources to it. Mixing species is NOT a good idea for beginners or when breeding the frogs is a priority.

Please don't yell and tell me I'm wrong.. It is a very dangerous thing to attempt. Do your research and be ready for vet bills if you make a mistake

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