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Adult Male Crested Needs New Home...Please Read...

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Posted by dustinthompson on April 02, 2003 at 12:16:36:

I have just recently become very active on the forum, and I am starting to recognize names. Many of you seem to be wonderful people and also seem to know a lot about Cresteds.
Anyway, I have an adult male crested that has a hemipenis everted as well as a kinked tail and what looks to be a slight kink in the spine, but I am not real sure. I have been unable to get him to a vet due to my work schedule and the fact that the nearest herp vet is over an hour from me. I called today to speak with the vet and he is out for two weeks. In saying all of this, I just want to get this guy to a good home with someone that can get him to a vet quickly. I will ship him out on Monday. I am asking for no money, I am even going to pay for the shipping to you. All I ask is that he is taken to a vet immediately and I am updated on his progress. He should still breed with no problems if this hemipenis is amputated. He is extremely active and eats like a pig (even the new crested diet, but still favors crickets). Very nice colors, and if he does not breed, should make a wonderful pet. You can contact me and I will decide this weekend who I think best deserves him, but there must be a 100% agreement that he will be treated at a vet ASAP, and I must be updated on his progress.
I am sure that he will do fine with shipping, as he is very active. I would keep him for breeding or a pet myself, but I do not want him to wait any longer. Also, do not think I am just trying to put a sick animal off on one of you, rather, I am trying to get him in a good home that can get him to a vet quickly, which I cannot do. I have several cresteds, and I love them all. I would hate for any harm to come to any of them, that is why I am doing what I feel is best in the interest of this male.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact me, but I do plan on shipping him out on Monday. Also, keep in mind, he must be treated within two days of his arrival, and I will be updated on his progress. I may also require copies of his vet records after he is checked and treated. He is not to put down. I am asking for know adoption fee or even shipping, this is completely about the care of this animal.
If you are interested and can agree to the above terms, contact me whenever you need (also state as to why you think you can provide the care and safe home for this male). I will post my decision on Sunday night as to whom I will choose.
Thank you for your time, and I will be waiting to hear from you. I am also willing to provide more pictures and answer any questions if need be. Thank you.

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