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Question about checking the cuts.

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Posted by lbenton on May 08, 2003 at 14:15:09:

In Reply to: Question about checking the cuts. posted by naker on May 08, 2003 at 13:15:48:

If you want to equip yourself for the job.. do this:

1) Stubby flourecent light (12 volt DC, not 110 volt AC – the 12 Volt has a 1.1 Amp draw and will run for better than 6 hours on the recommended battery)

2) A couple of 12 volt 7 amp hour batteries (more if you wish) (do not get “bigger” because they are heavier, and it is wise just to carry more if you can see your car anyway)

This battery can be carried safely in a fanny pack or a backpack, wrap it in padding for comfort. Also you will need to install a standard female cigarette lighter outlet with an in-line fuse (Radio shack type stuff) on the battery. The charger needs to be a 12 volt 500 MilliAmp to 1 Amp power converter with a male cigarette lighter plug on the end. You need 1 charger per battery, and be sure it is + to + when charging.

3) A Spot/Flood light (this works very well to spotlight, and if you walk with this using the above batteries it will run much longer than handheld artificial Sun’s many people like. But to walk with this you will want a lot of batteries, 6-8 would be my guess, I am not sure how many Amps it will pull)

4) Or you could try road cruising / spotlighting. Do so at your own risk, some say it is legal, some say it is illegal and most do it anyway. But I do not reflect the intentions of Law Enforcement, so make up your own mind on that.

I would also dare say that in Val Verde county you likely stay in the fine town of Del Rio. 3 very popular localities are an easy commute from there. Loma Alta, Langtry and Juno. I would advise being on the watch for weekend traffic, especially on Loma/277 with it winding in a few places and having some limited shoulder space to safely pull off. The popular turn around spots on all 3 are well documented if you do not already have all that.

If you need any help setting up the gear, just post questions here and answers should flood in from many us.

If anybody else has recommendations or equipment sources, post them, share them, play nice…

I posted this once a little earlier, but it did not stick? If it ends up on the msg board twice then I apologize.

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