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NAKER --Question about checking the cuts.

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Posted by Rodney on May 13, 2003 at 17:19:52:

In Reply to: NAKER --Question about checking the cuts. posted by TOMB4440 on May 12, 2003 at 09:50:01:

Texas law does provide for a "traveler" to carry a handgun while traveling. However, the courts have found that once the traveler reaches his/her destination, the traveling exemption to the general prohibition on carrying a handgun no longer applies. In other words, when you get there, you must put your handgun away. My advice to out of state herpers, or even folks who hail from Texas but who are not "local", is to save yourself some potential headaches and leave ALL handguns at home (unless you have a Texas CHL or a CHL from a state that enjoys reciprocity with Texas). Long guns (rifles and shotguns) can be legally carried in your vehicle in the state of Texas, but I sure would not be caught walking down the road with one in my hand. Carrying a rifle or shotgun along any public road in Texas will definitely lead to a close encounter of the law enforcement kind. Such weapons should be left in your vehicle unless/until they are needed (which will probably be never). Texas is a friendly state, for the most part, but there are jerks out there just like anywhere else. The best self-defense is simply AVOIDANCE. If someone confronts/harasses/threatens you--leave--immediately, and go to the nearest phone to call a law enforcement officer. There is a long history of herpers being harassed in many of the isolated parts of the Trans-Pecos. Such harassment can continue only if we don't take official action against the perpetrators. If you want to have a firearm, make sure you are carrying it legally and don't assume every sheriff deputy, brand new game warden, or local constable is going to be up on the law, or even care about your rights. The bottom line is that when guns are involved, the law enforcement officer holds ALL the cards at night, on a cut, somewhere in West Texas. Remember that.

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