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Re: What about childrens or .......>>>

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Posted by Ed on May 15, 2002 at 20:19:27:

In Reply to: Got an empty enclosure..... what can I put in it. posted by Sutmae on May 15, 2002 at 07:37:00:

: Hello, I`m about to free up one of my enclosures, and I haven`t got anywhere to store it. So my idea was... leave it where it is and get another animal to go in there. The problem I have got is, what can I get?

: The enclosure is 18"x12"x12" which works out at about 10 gallons I think.

: I was thinking about getting a snake but I think that it will be too small, although I have heard of people keeping Garter Snakes in 10G enclosures. Apparently these arn`t too hard to care for as long as you get the diets correct. I`m guessing that it would be too small for a Corn Snake.

: So does anybody have any ideas of what could be kept in an enclosure this size? I have got heatmats, thermostats, thermometers, lighting, substrates..... virtually everything apart from the animal.

: Any ideas would be very greatfull.

: Sutmae

Anthill pythons? Thy are both great snakes! Allthough anthills can run you anywhere from $1200
US and up. Childrens are about $150 -$250 and even more reasonable if you get a neonate. Or how about a tarantula or Emperor scorpian?? You have alot of posibilities. You could even house a baby Amazon Tree Boa In that enclosure if you stood it on end. As long as you are willing to upgrade to a 30gal fo when it reachs sub-adult, And will thrive fine in a 30gal stood on end as a full grown adult.
Hope this helps. What do yo keep now????


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