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Re: What do you suggest I do? To gcsnelling

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Posted by Les4toads on August 18, 2002 at 21:04:12:

In Reply to: Re: What do you suggest I do? To gcsnelling posted by gcsnelling on August 18, 2002 at 13:42:19:

:I do understand how you feel. But releasing them just is not an option for a couple of reasons.

:1. This species of HL may not be native to your area. It is never a good idea to introduce nonnative species into an ecosystem not it's own.

:2. Although they have only been captive a few months there is the very real danger of introducing a disease into the wild which could devastate HLs or other species with which they might intereact. If this lizard of yours spent any time at all in a petstore this would be my greatest concern.

:3. Once wild always wild does not always apply, many animals loose the competitive edge they need to survive after a period in captivity.

:If you want to do right by your lizard rather than trying to make a trade, just give it to someone that you know can care for. I personally have no problem with you trying to replace your pet. but the trade factor may make it more difficult for you to find someone that can or will take it from you.

: I am sure Lester can give many other reason why a release is not a good idea but these are the ones which came readily to mind.

:oh one last thought in most states it is highly illegal to release even wild animals which have been in captivity for any length of time.
:Good luck

:Dillon, I am not sure what it is you want with this issue of your horned lizard(s). You have mentioned nothing about what species of horned lizard(s) you have. You have asked questions here on the forum and it still seems you have not reviewed previous information posted that would have helped you with situations you have encountered. I am sorry if the answers you sought were not the ones you wanted to hear, such as the issue of establishing an ant breeding colony to feed you horned lizard(s), but the answer provided was not what you wanted to hear that it could not be done. Many of us have attempted such in the past, and the scientific literature is boundless on other attempts to do such propogation. There are somethings that are not understood in the natural realm. There is research that is not done because it has very little monitary reward. There are those of us that do research and studies just because it needs to be done in order to understand the workings of nature but it takes time. Your wanting to release the horned lizard(s) back to the wild is not a good idea. First, I have no idea what species of HL you have. Second, where you live is an important issue because the species of HL you have may not be its range. Third, there is the possibility of disease transmission to wild populations, if there are HLs in the area of release. Fourth, the law in your state may prohibit the release of captive animals into wild areas (most states have this law because of disease transmission). If you are concerned about the horned lizard(s), then giving them up to someone who has more knowledge and experience working with the animals should be your priority, not an exchange. If the horned lizard(s) were given to you, your loss would be minimal and the welfare of the animal your highest priority. You might also consider contacting the petstore and let them know they do not know the proper care for horned lizards and to stop providing false information to people. I do not know what your ultimate goal is, but do not make the horned lizard(s) be the focus of your lack of knowledge. If you want what is best for the horned lizard, make a decision that is beneficial. Ask yourself what you have learned from this situation. This forum is not the place to blame others for not providing you with what you want to hear. Horned Lizards do not make good pets! And I will continue to say this here on the forum. I will help people with finding answers and sharing research information concerning HLs they have, but I will not promote keeping HLs as pets or supporting their sale in the pet trade. Lester G. Milroy III

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