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Re: What do you suggest I do? Reply

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Posted by Les4toads on August 19, 2002 at 18:02:51:

In Reply to: Re: What do you suggest I do? Reply posted by Dillon on August 19, 2002 at 12:29:03:

:I have posted what kind of HL's I have in previous posts. They are P. platyrhinos collected from Nevada. I am doing anything I can right now to take care of them. As you can see from earlier posts I am trying to do something so I can keep them. And as for the ant thing, if you can't setup a colony very easy Say That. And I never said I only wanted to buy a queen. I also asked for info on collecting them in the wild. Believe it or not this forum and most all you people in it do not help too much. All I get in reply to my desperate questions is a long paragraph on why HL's shouldn't be kept or the hazards of keeping them. They are found in the region where we were going to take them and I did not get them from a Pet Store. They came from the wild you people tell me to read previous posts for info and you don't even do it. I did read through every reply I have ever gotten in any forum. And you are correct your answers were not what I wanted to hear, I didn't want a bunch of BS on why I shouldn't do this or that. I wanted info on how I could try if I decided to do so. Your answers were of no help to me. I asked: How do you get a harvester ant queen? You replied along the lines of: It's too hard to try to setup a colony you shouldn't try. God Forbid I should experiment with starting a colony, If all of you failed I surly wouldn't do any better. If you read questions and reply, at least reply with helpful answers.

:Dillon, I am really sorry you have a problem with the HLs you have but your attitude seems to be your biggest problem. I receive emails all of the time from people thanking me for the information I have posted here on the forum and it has helped them with maintaining their HLs. The info I post here is from 15+ years of first hand experience with HLs and field research. The information is also from reading other research papers and reports from other biologists and ecologists that work with HLs. I volunteer my time here on the forum to help people with HLs they have in their care. I have voiced my strong opposition to HLs in the pet trade for years and here on this forum from the beginning but folks still get HLs from pet stores and pet stores still carry HLs. My time on the forum is for the HLs and not necessarily the people. There are many folks that come to the forum seeking information and I do what I can to provide such. I also relay information from research that the average person would probably have a hard time understanding or getting access to, because sometimes I do too. By your previous posts, under this topic and issue, you wanted to know about queen ants and you were given the info plain and simple, it is next to impossible to establish breeding colonies of ants because that is how it is. Your response to the information was negative. Well, that is how it is. You were also informed by myself and gcsnelling about the issues of releasing HLs back to the wild and your supposition of "once wild, always wild" as not a viable alternative and not factual supposition. Your reaction was negative. Oh well! The alternatives you requested were not what you wanted to hear and that is too bad. Find ant populations that are available in the wild and collect your own supplies oif ants if you cannot afford the alternative. Many have found that as a viable alternative and it works. If you have a further gripe or displeasure with the information provided hear, email me direct and we can discuss this one on one and you can get upset more, if you must. Lester G. Milroy III

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