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Re: hey Rob what do you think

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Posted by Rob Carmichael on March 06, 2003 at 06:51:48:

In Reply to: hey Rob what do you think posted by meximullet02 on March 06, 2003 at 00:43:04:

I agree with everything you said. And to answer the first post, and this isn't meant to bash (so back off anti-"bash" hounds) is that gators should not be looked at as pets that become TAME. They can tolerate being around people and can be enjoyable animals to associate with and are fascinating creatures to observe but to think that they are going to become like a big monitor/lap dog/etc., you are lulling yourself into a false sense of hope. I have only known one alligator that became extremely tame but it wasn't really due to how he was handled (partially, yes); I think he was just had a genetic predisposition for this behavior. We have a couple of gators that are "tame" in your sense but I would never just reach in and lift them out like I do with our monitors...we always assume that these animals will turn the tables. Young gators are feisty but if you want to have a "tame" gator as you put it, you should start off with one that already exhibits tame-like behaviors...that just increases the chances of having a gator that won't someday take off a limb. Am I poking a little fun here? Perhaps, but having worked with these animals for quite a few years (along with other large reptiles) you have to understand that "tameness" is relative and it is more of a question of having these animals tolerate our existence with them without becoming aggressive rather than animals that we can pick up and hold and watch tv with. Just keep handling to short, brief sessions so you don't become a threat to this animal. Try to be as consistent as possible. Don't force yourself on the animal and don't overhandle. Only handle the animal when the area is quiet and the lights subdued (that works well for us). Much of the process of habituating gators to people comes from commitment, dedication, proper handling, proper husbandry and patience. Hope this helps.

:ok it seems that Im in the same boat as you. well almost i dont own a gator but im an intern working with them. Im currently handling a 6-7 month old gator, hes mean, my advice is wear glove. i dang near got my finger taken off today. thank god i had on gloves. Anyways i think you that when taming gators your not suppost to handle them more that once a day, dew to stress. i could be wrong though. as for the hissing and biting, remeber your bigger than him therefore he sees himself as prey to you.
:in not sure about these other question you asked as i said im not an expert...yet:). lol maybe we can get some others with more experiance to help.
:oh yeah if i posted something that is wrong feel free to correct me. thats the only way to really learn.

::as youve all read (and knocked me about) i purchased a gator a few weeks ago...i love him to death...he seems to be quite the fan of hissing and trying to bite whenever anything is done near his enclosure...

::ive read that if you dont feed them thing with blood inside such as mice and fish...they lack of blood will reduce their naturl instincts a there any validity to this...also i tried lowering his water temperature a little bit...its in the high 70s now...

::even though he has been having little "temper tantrums" i still try to handle him a decent amount in hopes that he just isnt used to being picked he was purchaced from a that maybe after a while of him being picked up a few times a day every day he will calm down quite considerably...

::i think that the last might very well be my best option as it has worked with monitors ive owned but this is my first time actually owning an alligator and they are very different from monitors which im sure youve already realized...

::thanks for your time and any help will be GREATLY appreciated...also if you plan on saying things to just try to put me down about the ownership of this it and go punch your next door neighbor instead...thank you...

::-christopher mchale


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