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Re: hey Rob what do you think

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Posted by crocs4me on March 08, 2003 at 15:39:54:

In Reply to: Re: hey Rob what do you think posted by boaboy13 on March 06, 2003 at 10:57:42:

:Hey, yeah i know what its like to be put down and blasted on a herp you all ready own, no fun. But i love what you sead, "put me down about the ownership of this it and go punch your next door neighbor instead" man i don't know why i dident think of saying that lol, good one. But any ways... Crocs are funny about being taimed, some will, some wont, my last gator was a angle and would rarly bite, and would run around my rep room peacefuly when i cleaned out his cage, but tragicly as you all know, he dug out of his pond one hot summer day and was never seen after that (read my post a few post down). But the 27 inch one i have now is satin, hates to be handled, looked at, and hisses and shows me his teeth if i walk in the room, but start handleding now, try to handle him a few times a week. It's hard to say if hand feeding calms them down or not. I hand fed my caimen till he was 2 feet, and he was the meanest thing ever. But if you do, they see your hand as "food" and they start to think you are "food" and they become mean in a new way. So i would not hand feed. But good luck, don't hesatate (spelling?) to ask on here, alot of people can become BIG jerks really fast when they find a post from a "newbie" and will do any thing but help.

Hi Philip, First of all I have responded to a couple of posts on this board more in a concerned voice rather than a "Bashing" voice..Nobody is bashing you or anyone else on here...But you need to see our viewpoint as well..Many young gators and caimens everyday are being bought by irresponsible people..Not just 14 year old kids but adults as well..A lot of times they are bought just as a novelity item to show off and if you had seen some of the things I've seen over the years, It would make any true croc lover sick to thier stomach...Do I agree with 14 year olds owning crocs?...No..I can not say that I do...Although at that age there are a lot of things we all did that to this day we can't explain...There are a couple of you that have proved to a point that you know what your doing and have been doing your homework and are making a true effort to make sure the animals you have are taken care of and thats super and I hope you and your critters are happy together for years to come and get a lot of enjoyment out of them....But please, be careful..Never ever trust a crocodilian no matter how nice they seem...I never use the word "Tame" when it comes to crocs because there is no such thing..Tame is more of a word I would use to describe a dog or cat...Tractable is the word I use for describing crocs..They learn to tolerate you to a point..Got to remember that inside that massive head of a gator is a very small primitive brain that houses primitive thoughts...I quote richard dryfess "Spelling" from JAWS..."All this animal knows how to do is swim and eat and make baby gators" about it..Remember, all the knowledge in the world doesn't make up for common sense and awareness when dealing with dangerous animals ;-)

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