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Re: Fight back - VOTE Libertarian

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Posted by Thamnophile on December 04, 2002 at 23:49:50:

In Reply to: Re: Fight back - VOTE Libertarian posted by Brian Macker on December 04, 2002 at 22:45:27:

Well I'm a druid, but while I don't discuss it with my brother - we do discuss Libertarianism - my brother is as vocal as you are about it - if not more.

Sure the Liberty party platform looks great on their website - have you read the Republican, Democrat, or Green Party's platform on the environment? The point is - they all *sound* great! But they aren't. And as you pointed out (and I do largely agree with you, as I stated *before*) our government has greatly screwed up the environment. I really don't think big business/industry would do better on their own. My point is that once a party gains power Dem/Rep - whatever - power corrupts. The party platforms cease to have any meaning and sound bites rule as the country is run "business as usual". Power corrupts - if the libs. gained power, big business would be forced to work with them - you can't seriously believe the payoffs, bailouts, etc. etc. would truly stop. The lib and green parties wouldn't be too much different than what we've got now - they think they would, but they wouldn't. No party is a good party. All you can do is to try to vote for *individual people* that you believe in to be your elected officials, and vote your conscience on issues you care about. Towing the party line is never a good thing - it means that there is no independant thought involved.

I am *not* going to debate point-by-point with you, first of all, because this is a *garter and ribbon snake forum* not a political philosophy forum, second of all, because I just don't want to, and I work nights and can't spend that much time posting here, and thirdly because you most likely will believe that the only info that I know about the Lib. party is from their various websites, and thus not legitimate or credible knowledge. And while I do have several of their websites bookmarked for a few years now, I've read some books and magazine articles as well. Believe what you want. Again agree to disagree.


:My sister-in-law is a Wiccan. I don't know first thing about it.

:It's not an assumption that you don't understand. It was quite clear you don't understand libertarian thinking if you believe it is bad for the environment. Since you think you know the stuff give me ten more examples of rules, laws or actions of the government that are bad for or have destroyed the environment. Do you know why I listed the ones I did? The platform is extremely positive on environmentalism however this goes way beyond the party platform. You need to understand the history and principles of the forces in politics and economics involved. You need to actually know the arguments. If you don't then you really cannot hold a opinion, at least not one with any credibility.

:What exactly is your reasoning.

::Your assumption that I don't know what I am talking about is condescending. I am neither a Democrat or Republican - I'm an independant, but I have researched the Libertarian party, and my brother is Libertarian. I simply reached different conclusions than you. I never implied that Libs. were in power - I referred to their party platform in regards to the environment.

::We'll just have to agree to disagree.



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