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My example?

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Posted by Buzztail1 on January 01, 2003 at 17:52:11:

In Reply to: Re: Adult Forum Behavior - yes Karl, lead by example!! posted by rayhoser on January 01, 2003 at 16:27:03:

:drawing attention to vindication of earlier disputed taxonomy is quite reasonable, especially as it's relevant to both the elapid and venomous forums.
I would agree that, if you had not already admitted to altering the original text to vindicate yourself, it would be relevant on both mentioned forums.
:Plus Karl you hypocricy is astounding.
:One David John Williams, routinely puts posts on one forum indicating material on another to save duplication.
:It's strange how you've been silent when he's done this many times and yet the first time I follow on from his (in this instance fairly sensible) convention out come your flames.
:Why didn't you attack him?????
Quite frankly, I don't usually read any posts by Mr. Williams. And, in answer to your query, I have no problem with short annotations to avoid duplicating information. Also, it is ridiculous for you to say that this is the first time that you have done this. Your posts have long been known for their heraldry of long and bitter name calling arguments spanning several forums at a time. I don't believe I have ever taken a side in these arguments and don't intend to now. I don't keep or study Acanthophis. It is winter here and things are slow. Your taxonomic squabbling, if spilled over onto the venomous forum could once again be sufficient cause for the moderator to close down that forum (not for the first time). I would like to see that action prevented. If that means that I need to come here and be called names by you, I can survive that.
:dear Karl, instead of looking ways to flame innocent persons, why not actually engage in herpetology, which I might add is the reason this forum exists!
Again, to be quite frank with you, I do not care what you do on THIS forum. I do believe that you are standing in the hen house, wearing wolf's fur, proclaiming innocence at the top of your lungs. That is just a personal belief based in my personal observations of your previous forum behavior. As for your instruction to "engage in herpetology", those who are acquainted with me are quite aware of my contributions. It is easy to see how you might not be aware of them as the only time one ever hears from you is when you engage in "tooting your own horn" or attacking others.
:Your post above is scurrilous and beneath contempt and I suggest that you go crawl back under a rock and out of harm's way.
"out of harm's way"? Do you really intend to threaten me? I do not respond well to threats and categorically refuse your "suggestion".
I made no direct reference to you in my above post. If the shoe fits and you shout aloud that it is too tight and uncomfortable, it becomes too obvious who wears the mantle of guilt.
Again, I did not call you "scurrilous" or "beneath contempt". The personal attack is all yours. I merely asked that you keep your taxonomic infighting to the Taxonomic Forum. I am sorry that I was so vague in my request.

Karl H. Betz

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