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Re: Started introducing male and female crested.....any tips?

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Posted by RHACO-JACKO on November 13, 2002 at 08:52:09:

In Reply to: Started introducing male and female crested.....any tips? posted by Gecko2525 on November 12, 2002 at 23:13:19:

Sounds like your male is ready to breed, a female will typically always try to get away until the male actually gets a hold of her then positions him self for copulation. The biting that your witnessing is typical mating activity (no need to panic, although for a person witnessing it for the first time can be scary). I would suggest that you keep them seperate until the feamle is somewhat older and attains good weight. Although I dont suggest breeding prior to one years old, some females may be able to breed at one year and others at 18 months (or anytime in between). Once she has reached a year old keep an eye on size and health before you decide to breed her. And in response to Mikes question (hi Mike) I witnessed multiple copulations with my groups back in August and September, but once my females started to lay eggs (some females had begun to lay second clutches)I have not witnessed anymore copulations. The males from what Ive noticed will not mate after the intial copulation, hence the possibility of sperm retention in females. Speak to you soon, Jack.

:Sorry this is so LONG!!! :)

:Okay here is what I am doing now. I have had both my cresteds for about 3 months. I quaranteed them both and have had no problems (exam, etc.). For the last month I had been taking them out together with my sister helping. They normally just ignore each other. My female is 8 months and my male is 9 months. I don't want to breed them now, but I will when she is a year old. I figured I should introduce them slowly every once and a while. Today we had them out and my female was eating crickets off my floor and very relaxed. Drako my male just sat there staring and sometimes jumps on her head (no problems).
:Now, I had Drako on my arm and she ran in front of him, further up my arm. Drako, as always, licked her. Here is the TWIST. First he licked her leg then "bang" bites her right on the leg. Me of course do the 'stupid thing' and FREAK out!! As I was freaking my female started a low sqeak (painful) as Drako still was biting (I think because I was moving Drako bit harder) and of course I freak out EVEN MORE. I think he wasn't biting her very hard at first because she didn't move or anything when he bit her. Just me!! My sister was calm, but this wasn't happening on her arm and there not her geckos. I was worried for their safety. Soon Drako let go and tried biting my arm (didn't actually bite me). I figure I just scared him, not his fault. After I calmed down and realized she wasn't hurt, I got thinking.....
:I know they kind of bite each other when mating but does this certain action mean he wants to mate? Have her submit? or that he doesn't like her. He has never shown any aggression before to her or me so I would imagine he likes her. Starts biting down low and then works his way up to he neck. :)
:I don't want them to mate now, but I just don't want to stick them in together when I do want them to mate.
:I hope they won't do this all the time when I put them together. I don't want to worry. Plus I hope I didn't ruin things between them! :(
:ANY TIPS????? Please

:Thanks for read this long explaination.

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