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Travis and rob were collecting Tx corns . . .>

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Posted by terryp on May 14, 2003 at 08:27:56:

In Reply to: posted by on May 14, 2003 at 01:37:39:

a few years ago to send to Dr. Vaughan at Texas A & M for bloodwork, etc. Rob said the ones he collected had nasty temperaments. Rob said it was nastier than Texas rat snakes. Travis will not like me bringing Texas rat snakes up and their temperament since they get a bad rap as he says. I live in California and I have 4 w/c Texas rat snakes. Three females and 1 male. Two of the females are nice so far. The one old female is a tough "ole gal". She doesn't like anybody. Actually, she's been beat up by farmers over the years and she's been a project to calm her down. The male acts up until you pick him up and then he's nice. Overall, my black rat snakes are nastier than the Texas rat snakes. Besides, forget about them biting, they are the mukiest (don't know if that's a word) snakes in the world. They don't hesitate to musk you either. Did you handle the Texas corn Chris? I was curious if it might have had a bad temperamnet like rob had conveyed on the ones a couple years ago. Thanks for sharing a pic of the corn and info. That is a big corn.

:Just thought I would post a pic of the big TX corn I found tonight. When I saw it on the road up ahead I thought it was a Texas Rat, but it looked too heavy bodied!

:I have caught a few large corns in the east (SC, GA, FL) but they never hold a candle to the big bruisers we get around here. This big boy measured 56 inches (using Serpwidgets Snake Measurer Program) and weighed in at 1160 grams.

:Just in case you think, "yeah, I've seen stout corns like that" remember - this is a wild caught snake photographed the night it was found! For comparison, I found a large female corn in SC once that weighed 660 grams and she was a big corn snake.

:I wish I weighed the one I found around here in the early 80s that measured 67 inches. That was a monster!

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