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Good points but>>>>more

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Posted by highlander1 on April 20, 2003 at 20:09:17:

In Reply to: Re: A ? about breeding burms and why everyone is so >>>>more posted by CCD on April 20, 2003 at 19:17:41:

:There are a couple reasons. One is that you can go to any rescue and find one. Another, which is probably the biggest is that there shouldn't be that many Burms out there. Most of them are probably going to end up in rescues.

:I think you are posting this as somewhat a response to the post from the rescue in Va.? I just have one thing to say about the Va. rescues I have talked to...They are quite rude and they really shouldn't come to the Burm forum and badger the people that breed them. I also believe these people should get out of the rescue business if it bothers them that much to rescue animals.

:I guess I can agree with people that there shouldn't be so many people producing these animals.

:How many people here are at the age of 30 or over? How many of you have retics or burms that are only about a year old? Sure you might be able to handle a 15ft. or 20ft. snake, but that snake is only getting bigger and your only getting older. How many people here honestly think they can handle a 20+ ft. snake when your 50+ years old.

:This also relates to those of you who attack minors who want large constrictors. People who are around the age of 20 run the risk of keeping snakes as a fad and people that are a bit older run the risk of having to handle a monstrous snake when they are quite old and when things don't work the way they used to.
:Take care

I think the same could be said for just about every species of boa/python that has more than 4 or 5 eggs/babies at a time(ball pythons).Just because burms,anacondas,retics,scrubs,etc. are bigger in size really isnt the only option to consider.Take redtail boas for instance or ball pythons.They both can/do go off feed during the winter and breeding but people buy them anyway without knowing and after finding out (usually the hard way) they want to get rid of it by way of selling,trading,or just giving away to a rescue.Even though b/ps dont have that manny eggs at a time doesnt mean that they still arent a nuisance for the rescues (especially considering how many come in each year through importing).The same goes for the boas.Some have upwards of 25-40 babies and a majority of those live to be sent to other individuals that eventually wind up getting rid of them for various reasons.So the moral is to tell someone to quit breeding one species would be like telling everyone to quit breeding all species.Might as well be fair about it.

Now as for the minors,if they know what they are getting into before hand then i dont have a problem with them getting these majestic animals.Its the ones that get them for the sole purpose of saying "hey look at what i've got" that really peaves me.Thats also the ones that want all the different aspects of everything else just because someone else has it.Everything they get is because its cool and everyone else is doing it.I'd be willing to wager good money that out of the population of teenagers that have snakes or want snakes about 25% are doing it because of other reasons other than their own.

The rescues i have nothing against with the exception of, if they are going to get these animals from individuals that arent going to care for them, then dont give them to others that wont as well.I know alot of rescues do strenuous hours of checking and rechecking backgrounds and asking ?s but there are exceptions to the rule as well.I know its alot of work but if they consider themselves as herpers then they should consider the animal before anything else and go out of their way to make sure these animals are well cared for.Regards Bill McLeod

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