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Re: Good points but>>>>more

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Posted by Rob Carmichael on April 21, 2003 at 09:21:04:

In Reply to: Re: Good points but>>>>more posted by CCD on April 20, 2003 at 21:32:40:

Even folks like me who are opinionated on the issue of minors owning large constrictors would agree in that there are many adults who are probably ill equipped to deal with owning a large snake as the younger folks. The biggest difference, however, are:

1) Resources: most young kids don't have the financial means to keeping a large snake (unless the parents assist). This is just the reality of the situation. I receive MANY calls/emails from young people (primarily) asking me for veterinary advice because they can't afford to take the snake to the vet....and I tell them this. They ask how they can, in so many words, cut corners and cram a large python into an old tank.

2) Most minors, if not all, live at home with parents or relatives. Do they share the same interest in keeping a large snake under the same roof as their most cases, NO (for the few fortunate ones, as long as the parents are well versed in keeping large snakes then I don't have a problem with a minor owning one under their parents' close supervision). Should they (that is, those who do not like snakes) be exposed to the constant stress of being timid in their very home just to make little Johnny happy? I don't think so and it just makes the process of responsible ownership that much more difficult.

Do minors have access to a room that can be dedicated specifically for large reptiles that will be LOCKED at ALL times? In most cases, NO...they must keep their animals in their room (or an old, dingy basement that is probably not suitable for keeping any animal).

3) I would take my chances with a well informed older adult (and I know plenty of 50+ adults who are FAR stronger than any minor) than a young kid who is still trying to figure out what they are going to do in the next ten years (which is when MANY burms become abandoned).

On a sidenote, I truly love working with burms even though I have become very disheartened by the vast number of irresponsible owners....I never lecture them but rather use these instances as opportunities to educate them and talk about alternative herps that make much better pets. I realize I come off hard at times on these forums but my comments are based on professional experience and experience as a very serious hobbyist.


:I would agree with everything you said. All popular species of snakes are going to find themselves in rescues. BP's and boas are probably just as common as Burms. It's more the fact it's a lot easier to handle a 3ft angry BP then an angry 10ft. Burm. Either way were just going to have to accept as more people produce snakes and more people get into they hobby. There are going to be more rescues, I agree that we shouldn't tell people to stop producing the animals. I think the most important thing right now is to stop importing snakes that are readily available as cb's, such as ball pythons.

:As for the minor debate. I agree there is probably a good percentage that get them for show and whatnot. What really peaves me is when people judge my experience because of my age. I've had people not sell me snakes(such as a Suriname RTB) because they don't think I know what I'm doing. And I know for a fact these people have sold these snakes to people that haven't kept snakes for more then a year or two. Which was a huge insult, I just wish some people would be more open to the fact there are SOME minors out there that know what they're doing and I also wish that they would be open to the fact that there are SOME adults out there that don't know what they're doing.
:Take care

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