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Re: Press: They do not know much about Iguianas

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Posted by Ingo on April 05, 2002 at 00:51:33:

In Reply to: Press: Iguana no dae that posted by Wes von Papinešu on April 03, 2002 at 19:59:42:

...Banana are everything but an apt Iguana food. Iguanas are specialized leave eaters and adapted to a diet rich in dietary fibers and extremely low in carbohydrates and protein.
...Bananas contain way too much carbohydrates. This can lead to unnormal fermentation events in the iguana gut and can prevent absorption of vitamines and other important stuff. One banana every other month is close to too much.
...many Iguanas in captivity eat animal matter. Especially those which receive not the apt food (as the guy depicted in the report) and lack certain things, they try to get from the animal matter. Anyhow, even healthy Iguanas eat strange things which can be dangerous fro them if they have the opportunity.
...Many adult Iguanas in the wild and in captivity turn relatively brown. Its a matter of origin of the strain and pretty normal.
...They do not need UVA at all for calcium metabolism. UVB is needed for Vitamien D conversion in the skin which then is needed for calcium uptake.
...Most UVB bulbs are not sufficient to compeltely substitute for dietary D3. Most loose 90% of their UVB emission within 4-8 WEEKS!!!
...Iguanas reach sexual maturity between 15 and 30 months. Those which need 5 years must be kept absolutely inappropriate

So this scottish society shoud hurry to learn more about iguanas. Ohterweise they promote cruelty instead of preventing it! SERIOUSLY!

Somewhat shocked..

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