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How many times do I have to prove you wrong?

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Posted by Derek Benson on April 23, 2003 at 16:28:38:

In Reply to: How many times do I have to prove you wrong? posted by NateDiggity on April 23, 2003 at 08:06:00:

You're the child, name calling, gimme a break. I never said a rain season is misting once a week, I said mist more often, in other words (for the slow learners) for the rainy season mist more often, raising the relative humidity in the air. The droplets coming out of the bottle are just like rain. Most tree frogs have a rainy season and this is an easy way to satisfy that need. Many ppl debate that simulating a raniy isn't a need unless you are breeding. Frogs have been kept by expierienced keepers for many years with out simulating a very wet rain season. For leos, bark and gravel is fine if they are large in size (like I stated). If it is safe, in other words (for the slow learners) if the gecko can't fit in in it's mouth. Lesson: If an animal can't swallow substrate, it can't become impacted by it. That goes for frogs too -haha- common sense comes into play here. Pothos will work just fine, gives the animal some shelter. Sticks (for the slow learners) You must choose the size of your branches carefully, I thought that went with out saying, but obviously not. A good way to tell, is that the stick or branch should be the width of the animal or larger. The only disgrace to the hobby is childish ppl that can't have a regular debate, and when losing, resort to name calling. I don't appriciate being called names. I guarantee if you were here next to me you wouldn't say those things.

:Oh-It's funny how your arguement points change ea. post-

:First it was the temp. gradient and that leos need sand- which I proved you wrong.

:Now its the pothos and sticks- this is getting old.

:Now have a good day sir. My work here is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nate Diggity,

How long have you kept frogs? I have kept them around 9 years, but I still consider my self a beginner-intermediate. I still seek out help and have frogs die on me. No one is perfect, but you sure act like you are God's gift. I may be wrong about leo greckos, who cares? This is a treefrog forum. Do you keep waxys? If not, you won't have a clue what you are talking about. And yes I keep them. Waxys are from Paraguay, leos are from....I tthink afghnistan and those areas. You should not mix them, try to mix them, or even think about mixing them. Have a ncie day. P.S., you have not proved me wrong, I don't care about geckos, if I liked them, I would keep them.


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