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Dill's Vet Visit

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Posted by icequeen on May 07, 2003 at 23:59:05:

So...I had Dill to the vet today. We were supposed to go tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait.
I really, really like her!
The thing I like about her is, she openly admitted that she had never before seen a PTS, and that her knowledge was obviously very limited in their care.
She spent soooo much time just checking her over, and talking with her, observing her.
She told me that she had spent considerable time yesterday reading about skinks in general but could not find a tremendous amount of info about PTS in particular. She also told me that she was basing her course of treatment on other species of lizards who have come in with "digit necrosis".
She knew EXACTLY which pet shop Dill had come from, without me even giving her a hint!!! She told me that she has seen SO many neglected herps from that store, and that every time one more comes in, she files ANOTHER complaint with the humane society. She asked me to call as well about Dill, plus she is going to call the appropriate gov't agencies regarding the fact that they originally portrayed Dill as a w/c specimen. (there's no way she is, she's WAY too tame). She also told me that she's beginning to wonder if the whole neglected animal ploy isn't part of their marketing that people will rescue them, thus guaranteeing continued sales. She told me about a fellow who brought in a snake less than a month ago, from the same shop...the guy bought the snake, because all of his concerns for the snake fell on deaf ears at the by buying it, he could get it vet care, and clear up the snake mite infestation it suffered from as well (geeee...same as Dill!!)

She prescribed panalog cream, and "TMS" because the worrisome toe is oozing...mostly just serous fluid, now that most of the bands of skin are gone, but she's concerned about it none the less.
Anyway, at the end of our appt, she charged me HALF the cost ...her reason being: Dills appt was a learning experience and a priviledge for her, and all she was, was the vehicle to provide the necessary medications to get Dill well again. She also told me that the likelihood of her ever seeing another PTS, other than Dill is slim to none, so our visit was a 50/50 split...helpful to both of us.
Now THAT is what I call priorities! I actually felt that she was there for the ANIMALS and not the money.

She was telling me that she is heading down to the states in June for another conference on exotics, etc...which is good news for Dill and Zoe!

She was quite amazed by my wonderful lizard...and the fact that they give birth to live young, and that PTS don't have the ability to separate thier tale (the correct term escapes me right now)

Anyway, all in all, it was a positive experience. It did turn out as I expected...where I was educating the vet, and did leave with medication (not that medication is necessarily a BAD thing!)
But, I didn't leave feeling taken advantage of in any way, and in the meantime, I just may of found a wonderful caring vet for ALL of my animals. (currently my cats and dog go to one vet, my cham goes to another, and now a third one for Dill! I just may be able to consolidate!)

Dill's still not eating though :o( She had a tiny taste of some peaches, and some zucchini tonight...but she wouldn't even touch her usually loved green beans OR squash (I mix her chopped greens in with some pureed squash or sweet potatoes, otherwise she turns her nose up at them).

Oh YEAH...she weighs 390 grams. Is that an okay weight????
To me she looks THIN compared to the pictures I see on line.

I'll keep you posted on her progress.....

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