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Posted by Raymond Moreno on October 05, 2002 at 02:26:46:

In Reply to: Re: How do you get them to eat bugs? posted by Raymond Moreno on October 04, 2002 at 07:41:06:


before I forget, here's another trick you can try as well. Let me explain...

If you look at the pictures of my enclosure, you'll notice that it's a pretty huge place for "Sticky," my baby cresty. (He'a about 2-months old). And because of that, the crix have plenty of space to run and hide. On top of that, I keep the cage at a constant 82 to 85 degrees during the day, which keeps the crix' metabolism pretty high - enabling them to cruise around the enclosure "like ostriches on crack". (At warp-speed). This in turn makes it a bit more difficult for my cresty to be successful in his hunting attempts. (Since they move so fast, and jump at ANY movement).

So to cheat a little bit, I knock them around a bit while dusting them, and then cut-off either one, or two, of the crix' legs. (This has definately slowed-down their "warp-speed" escapes, as well as increasing "Sicky's" hunting success rate). that I think about it...I guess it also helps to build-up his confidence as well. (If that's even possible).

Just wanted to share that thought with yaz.

Oh yea, let's see some pix of your lil well as some of yourself...and other readers too. (Let's put some faces to the names).

I'll post one of myself on a new thread.

In Christ: Raymond

:Hey "Insect-Dudette"...

:I'm definately not an expert, but if I may, I'de like to throw-out a few suggestions. (My opinions).

:1) They MAY be "Yellow School Bus" cresty's.

:Not wanting to sound mean or anything, but the fact is that ALL ANIMALS (not just us homo-sapiens), have the probability of being born with a mental disorder. IE, being kinda slow - or better known as, "being retarded". ("Retarded," means to be slow).

:2) They may have eye problems.

:It may be that their one under-developed eye may not be functioning. Or as a worst-case scenario - BOTH OF THEIR EYES may not be working. And if the latter situation is the case, that may be why they're not hunting for their crix.

:From what I understand, their sense of smell is pretty good...but they really rely on MOVEMENT to stimulate their "chase/hunt" reflex.

:Here's a few things I would try:

:a) Try to find someone who knows a little about the cresty's eyes, (and how they work), and try to do a "test" to determine if they are having eye problems.

:b) If they do have eye problems, then try dipping the crix in thick fruit juice, or fruit baby-food, to stimulate their sense of smell. Who knows, maybe that's all it'll take to help them locate their "moving morsels". (Kinda like the "Fruit Loops" cereal commercial with Toucan Sam - "Just-follow-your-nose...wherever-it-goes...").

:c) Give them a whole bunch of love and attention!! If they do have physical problems, maybe it can be corrected...and maybe it can't.

:And if it can't be corrected, you'll have the neatest blessing of having them depend totally on you. (To bring them their food and care). And by doing this, you'll really develop a special rapport with them, that us "normal folks" will never be able to.

:Either way, love em for who they are...your lil special ones!!!

:Best wishes, and keep us informed.

:In Christ: Raymond


::I know that most of you probably donít have this problem but my Cresties donít seem to eat bugs? I have tried waxworms, small crix, Lobster roaches and Discoid roaches.

::Now I pretty sure the problem is that I have ďSpecialĒ (no yellow school bus jokes) Cresties. Both boys were born with their left eyes smaller than their right eyes. In fact I am not sure what their vision is in their left eyes. Their previous owner said he could get them to eat crix if the crix walked past their good eye but I havenít had any luck yet.

::I am open to suggestions.

::Christy, Mango, and Kiwi Rana


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