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Re: Hello Bill....... (it's Trace)

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Posted by azteclizard on April 16, 2003 at 19:42:55:

In Reply to: Hello Bill....... (it's Trace) posted by gexfiles on April 16, 2003 at 18:12:18:

I refuse to turn this into a drawn out debate like ones in the past. I just think it is wrong to tell someone who inquires, that you can not Feed rhacs a non-prey diet. No, meat is not available to rhacs on the wild. That doesn't matter, protein is protein. You know it's all made up of amino acids. Allen's diet's have been reformulated to use Isolated whey protien as it's main source of that nutrient. If he wishes he can elaborate on how it is possibly the most bioavailable source of protein there is. As far as crested geckos liking crickets, of course they do. It is instinct for them to chase down something moving. Does a crested that has never seen any live prey in it's life feel like something is missing? I don't think so. Does a crested that has eaten live prey in the past but now only eats a non-prey diet, suddenly become depressed and bored. My don't seem to be, at least they have'nt told me so. They eat,grow,mate, and lay nice healthy eggs. Mike, I was under the impression that you only recently got the 2:1 mix suggestion from Eric Yipp. I could have sworn I saw that in a post way down. I could be wrong though. That's why I asked if you used that ratio. It threw me of when you mentioned that some on non-prey diet tool 2 years to reach adult size. So those geckos were on the 2:1 mix even back that far?

:Long time no post huh? Life gets busy, and I am sooo busy these days I have to post my opinion (emphasize OPINION) on this issue.... I am not trying to fling any crap, I am just giving my observation and that is it..............

:Crested geckos like crickets. Especially young geckos.
:In the wild, they will eat insects and rotted fruit and maybe sweet potato matter (farmed in New Caledonia I read so that is a guess) however, I do not think that meat baby foods are available for them to lap up readily.

:My point is, I think what is important is to give them what is naturally available and what they were 'brought up on' more than prefabbed powder mixes.... HOWEVER, I am not saying that it is not good to try the new diets. All I am saying, is like we humans are better off with is what is NATURAL. It is a great idea to vary diets and also give supplementation. Hey, I add bee pollen and spirulina, also Miner-All, Herptivite and even some of Susan Donoghue's supplements to the fruit purees that I give to the geckos as well.

:Humans, for example, are healthier in the long run eating fruits, vegetables, fresh foods and lean meats, it is what was put on earth for us to eat, we also eat prefabbed foods for convenience when we are busy. So why deprive our geckos totally of what is natural? I care a great deal about my health, I eat fruits, veggies, whole grains, fish, lean meats, but I also supplement myself with powder whey protein and eat prefabbed protein bars as well and take my multivitamins. Point? I vary things but always try to maintain optimum health.

:(who whirls up a ripe mango for her Muppet and the rest of the Rhac gang and then tosses in a couple gutloaded crickets for them to chase while she is at it ;)

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