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Re: do leachies "HAVE" to eat pinkies??????? nt

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Posted by STARMOM on December 31, 2002 at 07:01:02:

In Reply to: Ian Thanks for your imput..... posted by STARMOM on December 31, 2002 at 06:54:09:

that would be a big problem for me....I cant do that! I kept mice and hamsters as pets as a kid and my daughters has gerbils and a hamster, I dont have the heart to give baby rodents to any creature! (I was told that even though people do give pinkies to leo's and beardies they dont have to have them)



:Im not really sure what im gonna do yet, as I said I love the different species, and would love to have at least one of EVERYTHING!

:I love the crested, her personality, yes she has pooped on me once! that ok, I like the idea of a larger cousin! :~)

:Anyway are you a vendor like mike or are you going as a customer like me?

:Im on a budget at the moment, because I do have kids etc, and we just did the holidays, so you may be right, a leachie may have to wait due to the price, the only other thing is the size enclosure is cost prohibitive at this moment, although a new pet supplie store opened near us that has great prices, but I have to "catch up" from the "santa spending on my kids first".

:but do keep me in mind if you ever have leachie babies, you must be in the NY area if you are going to the white plains show we are in the hudson valley where are you located?



::Well, this forum has long (in its short history) been somewhat slanted towards the cresteds, but with time there has been a renewed interest in the "other Rhacs."
::Got that out of my system, but now towards your question, this is one that is right in my league, mainly because I own and love both Aurics and Leachies. Of the two I've been bitten only rarely. The one and hopefully only time I was bitten by my adult male leachianus wasn't exactly the greatest experience, although it did draw blood, it was my fault and I actually felt really stupid after (should of known pinkie mice look just like pinkie fingers). My hatchling and adult Auric have bitten me on a few occasions, but they didn't hurt at all, and again it was only a learning experience of what not to do when handling them.

::For the choice of what you want to buy, the answer isn't so crystal clear. I personally bought my first Auric as a "test run" because not only are they amazing, but I was working towards a Leachie but wanted to make sure that I had the proper husbandry techniques down before I went and bought a $250 gecko, (although I did spend a pretty penny on my striped gargoyle)You may already have that step covered though because you have a crested (Abby, right?) and have the husbandry needs met.
::Since I can't really steer you on one path or the other, I'll give you some of my favorites about each, and you can decide:
:: Aurics: There are a few color variations out there right now that my catch your eye, if that's what you are looking for, Stripes (orange, red, yellow, black, and brown), Blotches (orange, red and yellow), the Salmons (lots of $$though), and the Ghosts (not many around). Aurics are very, very active at night, I always here my guys and gals thumping around, catching crickets, and just playing around. Most are pretty calm, except for the occasional "crap-on-the-hand" trick. Plus, how could you resist such a cute little pudgy gecko?
:: Leachies: What more could you ask for? The largest living gecko species (that we know of). They are tremendously calm, and calculating, but also tenacious hunters (watch those fingers) and an amazing sight to behold. I don't see them as much as my Aurics, but when they are out they seem to know they're photogenic and always strike a pose. They do take up more space, and cost a little more, but seem well worth it once you have them.
::As I said before, I can't make you choose one or the other, but rest assured that you'd be happy with either.
::As far as dropping prices, the Leachies I think are slowly coming down as more people get their hands on and start to love them. And for Aurics, I think the price is going to go up a little as people realize what jems they are, plus the ever increasing color and pattern variations.
::If you do decide to buy an Auric, You'll probably wind up with a Leachie in the near future, or vice versa. I think that their price (leachianus) is determining who owns, and is able to enjoy them, which I don't think is fair. I'm in the process of buying another adult pair (as my current one is still a little too young) and if I do get babies, I want to sell them to people who couldn't really afford them at their current price, in short, I want to get them to a wider group of people. I'd be glad to sell you one for a lot cheaper, as your desire is equivalent to what mine was not too long ago. Send me an Email if you'd like.
::If you are really that strong in your desire for a leachianus, you could spend a little, and ask for the rest in substitution for Birthday or Christmas(maybe a little late) presents, that's what I did.
::So, sorry for all of this rambling, but you'll love whatever you wind up buying. Good Luck searching at the White Plains show, I'lll be there too. and Happy New Year



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