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Re: I wash my hands before I take switch reptiles..........

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Posted by Raymond Moreno on December 08, 2002 at 23:54:38:

In Reply to: I wash my hands before I take switch reptiles.......... posted by Gecko2525 on December 08, 2002 at 18:19:39:


you know what? Don't sweat it.

If they're jumpy, they're jumpy. Sometimes with consistent SLOW movements, and offering them food, they will get to feel comfortable around you. And I guess sometimes they don't.

If I were you, just go about your daily routine, and see what happens. Talk to them, and offer them food. And every once in a while, try to handle them. But don't set your mind on doing so, cuz your goal to pick him up will ALWAYS be faster than theirs. Just take it one day at a time.

What I do, is slowly approach him, and offer him baby food off of my finger. (Which he readily eats). And after a few minutes, I slowly back away and close the cage. (He will not get picked-up). I do this a few days in a row.

Then on the third or fourth day ('ll take some patience), you try to approach him slowly and pick him up. My cresty will try to run away...but I kinda corner him and have him jump on my hand. (Doing all of this in a VERY SLOW MANNER so as not to stsrtle him any more than I have to). Once on my hand he usually settles down and starts to walk up my arms. And like Lyn mentioned, I will usually place my hand in front of him (palms down), and have him walk onto the backside of my hand.

And once he's REALLY calmed-down...I'll offer him some baby food, and let him walk around my upper body.

But once again, I don't believe that this is the type of animal that likes to be handled. If you want a hardy animal that loves attention, then buy a beardie.

And to cresty has a really large enclosure for himself. So in my mind, I beleive that he has sooooooo much space, that he believes that he's wild. (There is sooo much room for him in his enclosure, and sooo many places for him to hide in). So when I reach for him, it's not like he's been "crampped-up," and wants out. He actually wants to stay in his enclosure!! And when he is removed, he will still point towards his enclosure, and cocks his body, ready to jump back towards his lil forest.

Sorry for my rambling. And I'm not even sure if I answered your question. (Or if I even helped you). But this was something that was on my mind.

In Christ: Raymond

:But I have always done that.........What a second we just switched my soap to a anti-bacterial soap instead of watermelon. Do you think that could do it????
:I wonder if it is the smell??? I never thought of that???
:I don't know what it is but I am beginning to think they don't like me much. :(

::Just a wild thought, but cresties are a favourite food item of many life-forms back in New Caledonia. They must be delicious judging by the list of animals that prey on them. With that in mind, could your geckos be smelling the bearded dragon on your hands (or clothes) when you reach for them? They might never run into one in the wild, but there's a possibility that they recognize the smell of a possible predator.

::I find my cresties have good and bad days as far as wanting to be handled. Maybe yours are just going through a phase.
::Or, there could be something that's making them edgey such as te smell I mentioned, of even something about you - such as perfume? As an example, mine really reacted strangely to a male visitor everytime he wore a particular colonge. When he wasn't wearing it, they were great with him. Took a while to narrow it down, but that was the problem.


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