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Re: Couple of questions about my new crestie.

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Posted by Raymond Moreno on October 28, 2002 at 12:31:13:

In Reply to: Couple of questions about my new crestie. posted by Jen C on October 28, 2002 at 09:52:42:

Hey Jen,

let me start-off by saying that I am NOT an expert, nor have I had cresty's for long. So with that premise, let me give it a shot.

1) I recently purchased two BABY animals myself. (A baby cresty, and a baby beardie). And in BOTH CASES, it took them about one week to finally stsrt to feel comfortable with me being around, and with their new environment. (Their new enclosure).

Maybe when you took him out, what you experienced was him trying to ESCAPE from you. (He probably still doesn't know you, and is scared of all the "new scenery").

What I did, was to ensure that he had an UN-obstructed view of me in the living-room, so that he get's used to seeing me on a daily basis. I also make sure to NEVER make any rapid (quick) movements that may startle him. And also (which happens to be the hardest one) resist the temptation to pick him up alot. Let him get used to seeing you first. Then try approaching him a few times (very slowly) with a bit of baby food on your finger. Once he's comfortable enough to see that you are not a threat, and starts to eat the baby food from your've started to "win him over".

Another thing to keep in mind is that they are NOCTURNAL animals. (Unless you're ALWAYS messing with him during the day - as I've herd that they will change their "sleeping patterns" to fit their environment). But during the day, my cresty ("Sticky") is always resting. And since they have no eyelids, they look like they're awake. (Look at them very closely when they're resting, and you'll see that their pupils become SUPER-SMALL slits, and look "glazed-over").

2) I've also noticed that my lil buddy will "slide-right-off" a wet leaf as well. It was hilarious the first time I saw him jump onto a newly sprayed leaf...slide towards it's edge...and fall right off. (Bwwwaaaaaa, ha, ha ha ha). And if the glass is ""fogged-up," or wet...I would assume you would get the same results.

3) As for eating baby cresty will take it from my finger. And SOMETIMES take a few licks from the edge of the lid in which I place his baby food. But that's about it.

At first I was concerned with this. But then I was told that this is perfectly normal for a young cresty. So long as you are keeping them withing their proper temperatures, and giving them dusted crickets with a good calcium suppliment like "Rep-Cal Calcium w/Vit D3," or "Miner-All" (the latter is what I use), then he should be fine!! After a few weeks, or months, they will eventually start to eat the baby food.

As for "blended" or "bottled" baby food...well...the FRESH STUFF is always preferred. (But be warned...if your cresty take's a liking to the "freshly blended" just committed yourself to this process for the rest of their natural lives).

So to sounds like you're doing a splendid job with your cresty, Jen. Just have a little more patience with his "inactiveness" (now that you know that there's a "light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel," and enjoy him. And you'll be seeing a great improvement in the near future.

Let's see some pictures.

In Christ: Raymond

:Well we got our new crestie on Wednesday and he is just soo lovely. However I have a couple of comments/questions. First so you get a background, he is a sub adult male, about 3-4 inches long. He lost his tail prior to us owning him but it has all completely healed. He is in a vertical standing 20 gallon glass tank with peat moss substrate, branches, plants, hiding place. Temps during the day are around 76 and at night about 62-65.

:1 He seems very inactive. I know he is possibly just getting used to his new home so I am not really worried yet but if I take him out of the tank he runs around on me and leaps about the couch - the second I put him back in the tank he just stays in whatever position I put him back in for hours and I mean exatly the same position. Is it quite common for them to be this inactive or is he stressed or too hot or too cold?

:2. His "sticky" feet don't seem very sticky. He is fine climbing the branches and certain things in his tank but he was trying to climb the glass the other day and slid right off. When walking up my arm and stuff again he just slides right off.

:3. I read that fruit baby food is good for them. I noticed the other day that all fruit baby food in the supermarket is blended with rice. Is this bad for them? Can you get just pure fruit baby food or should I just stick to mashed fruit.

:Sorry for the long message with lots of questions. I did do my research before buying but as always in these situations, once you actually have the guy in your home there are so many more questions arise.

:Thanks in advance for any help.


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