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My view of the situation in the ME

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Posted by Eric Smith on April 24, 2002 at 14:17:19:

The path of appeasment of the US govt and that govts of Europe is disgusting. Is the world blind? The only thing the world is blinded by is oil. The situation while many call comlicated is quite obvious. Israel has been engaged by Arab enemies on all its borders since its founding, simply because they wanted one tenth of one percent of the middle eastern land mass to call home. But this was too much and the arab nations sympathized with the Palestinian plight. They sympathized with it so much that in 1970 King Hussein of Jordan savagly put down a palestinian uprising killing 10,000 palestinians. In southern Lebanon not too long ago palestinian uprising was savagly put down. But this was just "A-OK" with everyone. But now after constant attack Israel begins to defend itself the world denounces Israel. The Palestinian uprising speak of hundreds dead, but they didnt mind the thousands killed by neighboring arab countries when they rebelled. I really dont have a problem with the palestinian people or arabs. I have a problem with their leadership. Arafat is a terrorist, my god its obvious. He continues to say he has not direct responsibility with the terrorist activites that are going on. This is a great display of his character. As a leader you may not be directly responsible but you are ALWAYS accountable! Mr. Arafat step down, terrorist or not, because you are a PISS POOR leader. Also, I always here the media and other world leaders say "Israel this, Israel that" never once has Arab leadership been questioned. God knows their own people cant question it lest they be shot and drug in the streets as "jewish sympathizers." I thank God for President Bush who finally found the moral courage to stand up to whats going on. I cant wait for the day when he gets on television and finally tells the arab states to keep their damn oil, we're doing the right thing, and thats supporting a democracy under siege by autocracies. And Europe...I hate to say this because I love European history, but you are a bunch of weak and morally fickle SOBs (with the notable exception of Tony Blair and the Brits who I love). France has always followed the path of appeasement with morally corrupt leaders, thats why they got steam rolled by the Nazis. The Italians have switched from allied power to axis power during the world wars more times then i can count. Now in another time of great moral crisis you just roll over like you always have (again with the notable exception of the British). I guess you are going to wait for America to come straighten out the problem again, because youre too scared to stand up yourself. I mean really its making me sick. This whole "cycle of violence" crap the media talks about, its absolute hog wash. What does the cycle consist of, arab leadership inciting their own people to comitt terrorist acts against the Israelis, then Israel responds by "occupying" the terrority to root out the infrastructure then it leaves. Some cycle eh? And I'm sure I will get some hate responses to this posting. But really what are you going to say? Are you going to tell me the Palestinians are oppressed? Well guess what their have been alot of oppressed people in history, hell I feel oppressed right now, but I like others dont resort to teaching my kids to hate the jews and to strap themselves with bombs to kill as many ordinary people as possible. Sorry I keep a little more dignity and honor about myself than that. I really do not fault the Palestian or Arab people though, they are simply misguided by their leadership, who are so envious, that Israel could take a mound of dirt in the desert and turn it into one of the most advanced economies in the world. Now they want what Israel made, but even if Israel gave them everything they had, they would simply run it into the ground, and in 10 years or so I guess they would be blaming the jews in the U.S. or someone for their problems, Lord forbid they question their own leadership. I know this posting is not "politically correct" and I know many may be offended. However, its not calling for the blood and death of Arabs. I dont want to see that. The Islamic civilization sparked the european renissance (spelling?). They had a highly advanced society then and I respect their history, but I do not respect their current leadership. People say dont "point fingers" but I will. The palestinian and arab leadership is wrong--PERIOD. Israel's may be wrong as well but atleast their problems are brought to the open and discussed in forums such as this. If this internet site was based somewhere in syria or lebanon and I was writing from Beruit or whatever, you better believe I and most of you would disappear by tomorrow. And these are the govts Israel has to "negotiate" with. So come sympathizers tell me how it is all Israels fault. Tell me how occupation is a pretext to send your childeren into markets strapped with dynomite. Tell me they are maryters and that they are going to heaven for that. Tell me how Sharon is a brute and Arafat would curb terrorism if given the chance (yea right). Tell me how Israel is racist then tell me how the middle east belongs only to the Arabs. Tell me how the Arab regimes are benovolent and Israels democracy is a sham. Europeans, I love you because we all share the same values of democracy and the rights of man, but in the last 100 years or so it seems that when the times got tough the europeans rolled over and played dead. Maybe im absolutly wrong, I may be. But no matter what I dont remember the last time I saw Israeli fathers dress their sons as suicide bombers, I dont remember the last time an Israeli was killed for speaking his mind, I dont remember the last time an Israeli was a suicide bomber though they have been oppressed with the best of them, I dont see Israels constitution calling for the end of the Arab cultural, polical, and economic system (though it does say that in the Fateh's doctrine, by the way who heads that?), but maybe its all an illusion carefully crafted by world jewery, it must draw your own conclusions..

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