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I failed at kingsnake ownership, i guess i really screwed up

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Posted by -ryan- on May 11, 2003 at 21:32:52:

In Reply to: I failed at kingsnake ownership, i guess i really screwed up posted by KingOz on May 11, 2003 at 20:05:14:

Yeah, I think I have gotten over my fear of getting bitten. I have pretty much concluded that I have gotten over my fear of getting bitten. I was actually bitten by a baby ratsnake I was handling before. It didn't hurt at all. I am just wondering what it feels like to get bit by an adult. I don't think it would hurt as much as all of the scratches I get from my little bearded dragon (he doesn't mean to). But I am curious. I think it would be good to be bitten before I buy, maybe by a larger snake (this probably sounds crazy). Just so I would know what it's going to be like if (when) I get bitten by my snake (if I even end up getting one) when it gets older. I wouldn't think that getting bitten by an adult kingsnake or cornsnake would really hurt. Like you said, it would probably just scare me a little. That probably wouldn't deter me. I remember the first year I had my dog. I was young, and playing with a lego truck or something, and apparently I got too close to the bone she was chewing on, because before I knew it, she bit me. It wasn't just a little nip either. There was quite a lot of blood and it was questionable as to whether or not I would need stitches. I remember that she hit my hand so hard and so fast that my new lego truck I had just put together (I was young, it was near christmas) was demolished, and there were pieces everywhere. But I forgave her in a matter of minutes. She sitting right in my brother's room now. I love that dog, like I love all of my pets.


I'm still looking into all of this stuff.


:First, all snakes can bite...even the ones that have been "tame" for years. Kings are great, lovely animals...but when you keep them, keep in mind that you will get bit sooner or later. Make sure that if you get into snakes, you are no longer afraid of them. It’s like admiring a beautiful stallion. He’s fast, strong, graceful, noble, majestic, and sleek…you can watch him in the field (like looking at someone else’s snakes) but its just is not the same as riding him (owning the snake). So, you get on his back and for the first 50 times you ride him its great…. people watch you thinking “wow, look at him ride that stallion”, the wind is in your hair etc.…then on the 51 time he throws a “moment” and you land on yer a$$. Now, if you were a little afraid of him the “moment” he throws will be more traumatic than if you are not afraid of him. Why? People think more clearly when they are not afraid, so…if/when you get bit by a snake you will simply get bit…but if you are already a little afraid…and you get bit it will make you more afraid, cloud your judgment, and when fear is involved a bite can seem much worse than it realy is.


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