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Re: Trying to save a 5+ ft male

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Posted by Brian-SFCRC on April 08, 2003 at 08:24:50:

In Reply to: Trying to save a 5+ ft male posted by KristyN on April 08, 2003 at 02:16:37:




The first thing I want to advise is BE CAREFUL!!! An iguana of that size can yield a bite of great power and destructiveness!-not to mention what the enormous claws and whip-like tail can do!
Personal experience: I once in a off-guard moment had a 4 foot male slam into my thumb can caused ligament damage that took months to heal. My thumb was inoperable at that time.

You should have to advise your vet she or he should be competent to make a diagnosis. I am not a vet but have worked in a reptile clinic with a Herp vet. legally, I can't prescribe medication over thje forum for an animal I haven't seen- especially when it may be Psychological rather than pathological. An iguana often gets imprinted on certain foods. Was this someones pet who escaped dierctly/, was he a direct import?, was he a native wild caught?(ie. a feral iquana loose in Miami? Finding out where he came from might give a clue as to what diet to try.

If he is sick, a standard Antibiotic treatment consists of 3 sessions. Administered once a week. You may have to initiate force feeding. on this note, or even holding an iguana of this immense size while tubing (administering a medicine down his throat by tube)can be a monumental task! What ever the path, this is quite an undertaking and my hats off to you for trying.
Also an iguana is going to need an IMMENSE size enclosure to feel at home. Perhaps, that is part of his problem. He needs to feel secure in order to adapt. The 4 foot I mentioned was housed in a roomsized enclosure. (He was seldom held which is why he never gave up his wild ways).
Also, be sure to take a fecal sample to your vet to test for parasites.

I couldn't see from the picture: does he show the Tresplod sign (in the hip region by the legs the central spinal column with the 2 hip bones will stand out very pronounced if sick and/or malnurished.

Let me know of your progress. If I can be of any further help,
feel free to let me know.

Good Luck,

:I got him from a pet store that had him returned by a customer because he wasn't eating. From what I understand, he was wild caught and may never have eaten in captivity aside from being force-fed. He will readily drink water from a spray bottle or a dish. He hides, and he's getting increasingly meaner.

:I have given him worm medicine, which hasn't helped. I had one vet suggest he has mouth rot, but I can't see any evidence of it. I live in a very remote area and there are no vets that do herps. The vet I can use will prescribe and admimister something, but I don't know what to ask for. I suspect worms or parasites or something along those lines, but I don't have the expertise to know for sure.

:Can anybody help? Is there an online vet I can contact or?


:Here he is... this photo is older and he shows much more signs of not eating than this:


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