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Question for Lester&Jeff

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Posted by Les4toads on May 07, 2003 at 15:22:20:

In Reply to: Question for Lester&Jeff posted by Cable_Hogue on May 07, 2003 at 10:00:46:

:It seems fairly obvious to me anyways that Lester has his own agenda. We call it the FUD factor in my line of work. Fear, uncertainty and doubt. Very useful if you want to keep people from some activity. Less, you don't work for the state but you are paid by grants, right? It would be a personal conflict of interest if there were no endangerment issues regarding HL's. I am not saying that these little guys shouldn't be cared for and managed. You just seem to me to go a bit to the extreme. My two cents.

:Cheers Jeff

:It is always interesting to read postings on a Q&A forum and the people that act as "psychologists" to analyze the person providing information that has been gathered from years of research, study and first-hand experience. Just what is your background Cable Hogue?

:To keep this brief and to the point: I am retired military - Tech Sargeant USAF Airborne Weapons Systems. I am also retired USNR Lieutenant and flew backseat (RIO) in F-14s. My Bachelors Degree is in Nuclear Engineering and Powerplants. I am currently in graduate school working on my Conservation Biology and Environmental Sciences degree. I also study Environmentl and Constitutional Law and Environmental Economics. What are your credentials? If you want to make some off the wall acqusations about me, contact me directly and get the facts, not some display of ignorance.

:Am I paid by grants? You make a bold, ignorant and stupid assumption! I work as a consultant. I work WITH numerous agencies (wildlife management, environmental and scientific). And, yes I do work WITH Law Enforcement. I review Environmental Impact Statements and Environmental Impact Reports on a regular basis. I began my research many years ago with my own income. I continue to do so. Again, what are your credentials Cable Hogue?

:This FUD factor you identify supports ignorance, stupidity and egocentric attitudes. By your attack on me on this forum, your "FUD factor" identifies you. I answer question with information gathered by research and analysis, and consulting with others who do similar work. What do you do or have you done?

:My work does not "keep people from some activity." The work I do aids in protecting some things that are exploited for no other reason than an egocentric or monetary gratification. Do not forget that it is as much my RIGHT to stop some "activity" as it is anothers RIGHT to do such "activity." What do you think laws are for? Laws establish moral and ethical behaviors of a society, or did you not learn that at some time in you life?

:Now, about horned lizards. Do you have any idea what the home ranges of the different horned lizard species are in undisturbed areas as compared to human disturbed areas? Do you know the hormone cycles of different horned lizard species and the month by month activity cycles? Do you know the evolutionary origins of the different horned lizard species? Do you know the population demographics of horned lizard populations during drought cycles and nondrought cycles? Do you know the carrying capacity of micro, as well as macro, habitats that horned lizards occupy? Do you know effective ways to manage wildlife assets in horned lizard habitats? Can you identify 30 of 57 ant species that horned lizards consume by their priority preference? Let me know.

:If you want to attack me, do it in person. You can email me any time. Then I can give you my phone number and we can talk. If you do not like the laws, stop being ignorant and get the laws changed. I want to see the intelligent reasons for changing the laws though, and not some egocentric based grounds like "because it is my right."

:The horned lizards I have in captivity are under permits for research and study. The horned lizards were and are taken from areas where habitat will be lost due to human activity. If you have som problem with that issue, that is your problem.

:Enough said. If you want to discuss the issues, email me. If not, then keep your ignorance to yourself and do not attack me unless you have something based on fact.

:Lester G. Milroy III

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