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Re: not really....

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Posted by Zeb on April 15, 2003 at 22:09:18:

In Reply to: not really.... posted by markc on April 15, 2003 at 21:35:25:

Mark replies:excuse me but you responded to amyjk's post that your idea would be ok because of this and this... I said that you were wrong. if you want advice then listen to it.

I'm listening, but your being rude is making me not want to listen to you in particular. I responded to amyjk's post saying that I thought it would work because X factor, not saying it was fact...I said it so that she could see what I'm thinking, and others could reply to that.

Mark replies:I know how a fish defends itself.
Ok, my mistake. But different fish defend themselves differently...I didn't assume you would know how apistogramma defends itself versus how a Kribensis does it. After all, you said " what is that? "

Mark replies:I am not stupid.
Never said you were.

I said that because a fish, no matter what size, will bite a frog's toes at least.

I don't agree with that....different fish, different habitat, different frog, different outcome. For example, a terrestrial frog wouldn't ever see that fish now would it? I know for a fact that minnow won't be biting a frog's toes....they'd be eaten. But that's ok, since I have a replenishable supply of those, and it could be a part of the frogs varied diet. Or do you have a big problem with introducing live food, too?

Mark replies:I also stated other problems with your logic too about tank size and other things.

Yes, you did. I understand, and agree, that a tree frog would not do...but that doesn't mean any smaller specie may not.

Mark replies :I will say this again- one species per tank.
I agree...with mixing amphibian/reptile species. But I'm not convinced that fish are ALWAYS harmful.

Mark replies: A treefrog only needs shallow water to sit in, not swim. 2" deep max. deeper than that and the frog could drown, esp. if a fish is biting it.

Agreed. I did say a treefrog was out of the question in the very first thread because of that very reason...then I asked if I was right. Apparently I was.

Mark replies: just because fish are in the wild doesn't mean it is ok. nature and captivity are two separate issues.

This is obvious, and I wasn't arguing that. However, it does not mean that fish are always impossible...

Mark replies:there is no such thing as a community tank.
Again, I disagree. I'm not trying to mix other species that would compete for it's food or other fact, they wouldn't even share the same space.

Mark replies: on my property there are black widows, rattlesnakes, rabbits, red tail hawks, a billion fire ants, scorpions and many assorted other rept and amphibs. should I be able to keep these animals in a small glass cage without any problems? of course not. nature is indifferent. it is eat or be eaten. there is plenty of stress. in a captive environment the only stress the animal should have is your face staring at it. the tank should be a properly setup naturalistic terrarium with the right temp, humidity, hiding places, clean water, etc...

Agreed, mostly. I realize how nature works...but again, realize that I am carefull considering these things.

Mixing sometimes IS possible, and not all things are harmful. My snails, for example, do my newts no harm. But by your standards, this is completely unnaceptable.

My water dragon enclosure has worms in the soil...for a while I had fish in the pool for a food source, but the dragon never attempted to eat them. I left them in there for a few weeks...he was never stressed.


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