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Re: Unique question regarding sidewinder venom & it's prey...

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Posted by snakeskin on December 05, 2002 at 05:51:02:

In Reply to: Unique question regarding sidewinder venom & it's prey... posted by AZ Hot Rod God on December 04, 2002 at 17:29:08:

:Hello to all in the forum! I haven't been on in quite some time because I was finishing up school at Universal Technical Institute which I am proud to say that I finally graduated from college on Nov. 22!!!!

:Anywho, now for my question....I have finally gotten my sidewinder to eat a pinky mouse instead of an anole which I am very grateful for due to the fact that the price of anoles used to be like $2 and now they're $5. He's only eaten one pinky mouse and every time I give him another, he'll bite and envenomate but he won't eat it. He'll just leave it there till it turns completely black and smells up the whole patio. Is this a common thing for them to do? could it be because he knows it's getting close to winter and that's why he's not eating?

:Now for my other question. I have a Western Hognose as well and I was wondering what would happen if I give the hognose a pinky mouse that the sidewinder had already bitten and killed? would it kill my hognose or would it just aid in speeding up the digestion process for the hognose as well? I admit that pinky mice aren't a huge dent in the pocket but I hate having to keep throwing all these pinkies away... Any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks...

:AZ Hot Rod God

:P.S.-I'm gonna try to get some pics of my sidewinder up, but I've never done it before, so it might not work.


The fact your cerastes refuses his food is probably because of the coming winter, over here in holland they also refuse to eat. Not to worry, as long as the snake looks healthy leave it to itself. He (or she) will eventually start eating again.

Now, when you think it's time for the snake to start eating again, and it still refuses try this:
(I'm sure you've heard this before)

1 Take one anole or gecko and (Oh horror...) put it in the freezer. (what I was told that this is the most humane way of killing a living thing, if hypothermia kicks in you just fall asleep and never wake up...)

2 Chop it up in about 10 pieces

3 Add a little water and boil the thing for a while untill the anole or gecko starts to fall apart.

4 Make sure it doesn't boil dry, so keep adding water during this process

5 After the anole or gcko has fallen completely apart cool the "soup" and put it in ice cube trays.

6 When feeding time comes around you defrost one of the lizard soup-cubes and dip the pinky in it.

7 After a few good meals try using smaller ammounts of "soup" untill your snake starts eating pinkies on it's own.

I am aware of the fact that this forum is monitored, and the events I just described above can be classified as animal cruelty. However, we are talking about feeder animals here, and this method allows you to have one lizard last several feedings.
Instead of feeding multiple lizards to keep your snake alive.

(And since this forum is read by mostly adult and sane persons I doubt if somebody would to the above just for the fun of it...)

As for feeding the pre killed prey to your hognoses: don't.

It's not that the venom could kill the other snake (At least that's what I know, correct me if I'm wrong), but my sidewinders have eaten prey items 2 days after they bit it (I know that's disgusting, but they ate it nevertheless).

If you have any questions about sidewinder husbandry try to find John Bakkers' "Sidewinder ranch" on the net.

Good luck and with regards,


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