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thank you

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Posted by charm_paradise on April 26, 2003 at 23:17:23:

In Reply to: thank you posted by compasscreek on April 26, 2003 at 22:48:07:

Hi- The temp is 80F, where are you taking that temp.? The basking spot needs to be a little hotter then that 85-90F is best! When you get the live plants in the cage, the humidity will change, it should go up. It is a good idea that you got the cage and have it all set up for your chameleon before you buy it, it makes things much eiser, because you dont have to worry about doing something wrong with a live chameleon in the cage. You will get everything worked out before the panther comes! You say the chameleon will be the "center peace of the room now" panthers are a good choice for an area like that, but it will depend on the personality of the chameleon. I have a WC Ambilobe panther that thinks he will get food everytime I pass by the cage, so he is use to me and this dosent cause him to stress out when someone walks by, I did this by hand feeding him treats. You may have to move your panther to an area that has less traffic, if he stress out when people walk by. I have 6 panthers and all the males dont strees out when people walk by, but the females seem to, except the Nosey Be female. Hope this helps!


:thanks john! i'm sure the same questions get asked and answered all the time. i appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

:i just finished setting up the cage in the spot it will be staying and hooked up the reptisun lite. i still need to pick up a surge protector plug strip so i have more plug room, and a couple plants. the temp has come up to a constant 80 degrees but the humidity is staying right about 55%, but i guess the plants will take care of that. my wife isn't happy about the spot i selected for the cage, she says it is the "center peace of the room now!". but i think it would be the best spot. SHE wanted the cage and chameleon in our bedroom you know, out of sight. i said whats the point of having something if it is out of sight from everyone.

:anyway thanks again!!


::Hi- Panther chameleons need a basking spot 85-90F and the cage needs a gradient temp 90F at the basking area, and lower temps as you move down the cage, so that the chameleon can thermo-regulate its body temp. The humidity needs to be in the 80% range and will lower over the day, so misting will help keep this up, and live plants. One large plant will be okay, but the more you can put in the cage the better, I would recommend at least 2. You should also get a bio vine to chris cross over the top of the cage. This will be where your panther will bask! When you take the humidity reading, it should be in the middle of the cage by the live plants, this will be where your panther will hang around during the day after he warms up at the basking area. Since you have everything to set the cage up and are just waiting on the chameleon, you should get everything all set up, and you can adjust the lighting and heating as needed so you have it all perfect when the panther comes! Hope this helps!



:::i have about 3 or 4 weeks to get thios right. i have my cage(haven't goten my cham yet)set up in on the kitchen table(we never seem to use it anyay! LOL). i have the temp gage and the humidity gage still in the their packaging just laying on the floor of the cage. the temp gage pretty much stays just under 80 and the humidity gage between 50-60%. how close am i to the temps and humidity level i need for a panther and how much of a difference will just adding the plant to the cage make? these temps and humdity levels are WITHOUT any of the cage lights on(basking or the reptisun 5.0).



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