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i got my cage today and i need a little help please

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Posted by compasscreek on April 23, 2003 at 07:35:03:

In Reply to: i got my cage today and i need a little help please posted by charm_paradise on April 22, 2003 at 22:49:18:

the cage is all screen. i figured i'd have to get a bigger cage in a couple months from what i've been reading. liddy(kammerflage kreations) has been great to work with though this! i can't wait to get him!


:Hi- Is the cage an allscreen cage or a glass tank? A panther

that age will out grow a cage that size fast, and you should get one at least 18Lx18Wx36H, chameleons like hight not lenght in ther cages, and like to be above eye level. An adult panther chameleon will need a cage at least 24Lx24Wx48H. kammerflage kreations is a great place to get your first chameleon!


::i think the panther will be 4 months old. i'm getting it from kammerflage kreations. i did get a dripper also it is the pet-tech mini dripper.

::thanks a bunch for your help!!



:::Hi- How old is the panther you are getting? The cage size is quite small for a panther. As for the lighting, the Repti-Sun 5.0 floursent bulb can be placed many diffrent ways. You can just put it on top of the cage in the middle, or you can lay it across the back of the cage (horizontal). The basking bulb should be placed on top of the cage under a branch or vine in back of the cage, that the chameleon can use to bask. The basking spot should be around 80-90F. If you get a higher temp, then move the basking bulb up more off the cage till you reach the correct temp. I dont use the floursent bulbs, I use the mercury vapor bulbs for my 6 panthers. The temp gauge can be placed up near the basking spot and the humidity gauge sould be placed down in the middle of the cage near your live plants. I prefer to use digital gauges, because they tend to be more accurate, you can find some at a good price on ebay! Hope this helps!

:::You did get a dripper?


::::today i got my cage, repisun fluoresent light, basking light, and a hunidity gage and temp. gage. i got the cage put together. i is 24'L x 12"W x 24"H. what i need to know is where on the top of the cage do i position the fluoresent light? in the back, middle or front of the cage? and where do i put the basking light? i know it goes on one side but where is best. should it be in the back so he can bask privately and feel secure(for lack of a better word)? also the tenp and humidity gages where should these be placed for the best results?

::::i won't have my panther till mid or late may i just want everything right before my little guy comes to his new home.

::::thanks in advance





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