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Form the other posts of yours that I have read (more)

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Posted by Krystal19_85 on April 29, 2003 at 11:11:13:

In Reply to: Form the other posts of yours that I have read (more) posted by genaroleon on April 29, 2003 at 10:06:35:

I am OBSESSED with everything being perfect before I get the snakes, I have read too many posts and e-mails of people saying I thought I had it all, but oops! I have been planning this project for months now, I keep talking to bob clark, NERD, Peter Kahl. I also spend all day in these forums, I want the people who know what there doing to teach me how to do it right! I am also totally obsessed with giving my snakes (and other pets) the BEST there is, to the extent that I can still pay the bills! LOL My boyfiend thinks I am insane and should be spending the money elsewhere, but I just tell him this is what I love and this is what I want to do! He says if I really want to do it he is all for it (even though he is scared of snakes) I have been blessed to have someone who supports me like he does! He is even going to start a bank account with me for my snakes! every check we get, we will FIRST and foremost PAY THE BILLS, with whats left we seperate it into the different savings we have and save a little to go out, can't risk the relationship for anything, I will always make sure we have the time together! I am so excited and even though I am estimating that I get my snakes a year from now, I want to get it all ready and set up for them FIRST!! I appreciate you noticing my enthusiam and dedication to this! I really spend ALOT of time and effort on this and I know it will be some time from now, but with building and testing and buying the supplies one at a time, I should have it done in a year (I hope, and I will have it all set up and test it for a week w/o the snakes before I buy the snakes. With my dream job hanging in my future somewhere, a side job or 2 (hoping to work at a vet's office), and this, I should be able to get through vocational school and get into interior decorating/design (which I have been wanting to do for years!) and hopefully one day own my own company and STILL have my snakes! I keep saying I will be 90 with a ball python hanging around my neck! I plan on having my snakes for as long as I can care for them! My boyfriend is warming up to them also, he LOVED my first ball after he say me hold her and handle her, he slowly worked up to touching her and sooner than I thought, he had her around her neck showing his friends like it was his idea to get her! LOL he has to warm up to each snake individually though, he is terrified of them when they first get here. He is getting better though. I feel bad getting 2 adults though, he likes to get them little and raise them, as do I, but I want to breed them while my hets grow to breeding age/size. Thanks again! And sorry this is so long! Krystal

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