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Re: Anybody know how much CB Louisiana Pines would be worth??

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Posted by Fred Albury on March 19, 2003 at 22:56:04:

In Reply to: Re: Anybody know how much CB Louisiana Pines would be worth?? posted by KJUN on March 19, 2003 at 18:43:04:

:Let me start by saying that I am not singling you out to point a finger or anything, but this post gives a sinking feeling to my stomach like a bad case of the flu. It scares me eve though I know that wasn't your intent. Lousiaia pionesnakes, as rare as they are, are probably the most misrepesented Pituophis out there. Additionally, there are almost deinitely more hybrids than pure ones out there right now. As rare as they are, I doubt if you were able to acquire PURE ones without knowing it. PLEASE, please, please don't mislabel them if there is ANY possibility that you are actually doing so! There are enough problems with the captive population of ruthveni already. We don't want more.

:You MUST know locality or bloodline to call something a LA Pine in my opinion since there is NO way that you can difinitively ID one JUIST be appearances. (You might be able to say a snake isn't a ruthveni, but you can't say one IS a ruthveni by looks alone.) You also say that the "male is bright yellow with very well defined markings." Well, that doesn't sound like any pure ruthveni I've ever seen. Well defined markings isn't a description you use in reference to The blotches in pure ones are often impossible to count accurately in the first 20% of the body of pure ones. The other blotches are like bullsnake blotches which are VERY easy to see as blotches but are NOT extremeley "well-defined" by the definition most of us seem to use.

:It is possible you've got some of the almost definite hybrid LA pines that are often sold as pure errounously) like those that used to be sold by Cullota, Trumbower, and others.

:Post some images, send us some images (, compare yours to the ones on the Pituophis page, etc. BUT, without a known bloodline and verifiable paper trail, give up calling them ruthveni, please!!! Sell them as generic eastern pines or something. Better yet, get rid of them to someone who doesn't want to bred and buy some animals that you KNOW or pure of one species or another and produce something you can stand behind without doubts: something you can be proud of producing and continuing for the future.


I agree with K.J., word of mouth doesnot prove the snakes are pure Ruthveni. I have seen quite a few specimens of what were supposed to be PURE rithveni offered for sale in years past, and ll were diffrent except they had ONE thing in common and that was:

that is one of the reasons that I backed off of geting them in the past.Paying ruthveni prices for hybrid ruthveno crosses, or even lodginixnothern pinesnake crosses being PASSED OFF as pure Ruthveni isnt my idea of a goood time. I am to poor to gamble suchly. K.J. is right, as usual.



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