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Re: Three-toed has severe eye/respiratory disease & no vet!

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Posted by threetoedOK on March 28, 2003 at 15:16:15:

In Reply to: Re: Three-toed has severe eye/respiratory disease & no vet! posted by LisaOKC on March 28, 2003 at 14:19:38:

Good news, I called my local vet and asked him for the closest vet who specializes in turtles and he gave me a name and phone number for one in Claremore, which is about 65 miles away. Also, I told my small animal vet about the Gatorade and he, too, suggested switching to Pedialyte so that's what I'm doing today. I'm also going to change out the bedding in case it is some sort of allergic reaction (this is possible, as the last time this turtle had this problem the terrarium light was too low and he got photophobia, which causes the same swollen eye problem with respiratory signs as a Vitamin A deficiency. Once I moved the light higher from the terrarium floor, the problem resolved on its own.)

:Are you in NE Oklahoma? I would look up the vet school in Stillwater
: and see if they can either point you to a vet in your region or otherwise offer advice. Maybe find a reptile vet in Tulsa you could at least call.
:Another thing you might try is soaking in Pedialite (generic is available at walmart).
:That might have more in it than gatorade. I had a very sluggish ornate last summer and soaking him in pedialite definatly was a good start, still had to take him to a vet though..
:Doesn't have to be a reptile vet as long as they are willing to research the proper care.
:I have had a non reptile vet help me who said that if they felt like a case was too complicated, that they would refer me to a specialist, which I consider a good sign in that they acknowledged their limitations, told me how they researched the proper care and assured me that they wouldn't take on more than they could handle.

::Hi, my male three-toed box turtle, a pet for 21 years, developed an eye infection with wheezing and nose bubbling a month ago. The local vet doesn't treat reptiles, but sold me some triple antibiotic eye ointment to use to treat the condition, as that ha d worked for past eye infections (I soak the turtle in lukewarm water for about 20 minutes, then place the ointment on each eye at the opening with a Qtip. This turtle normally stays up all year as he lives in a terrarium with a hot rock, water bowl and s hredded newspaper substrate. I have an outdoor turtle pen for the other turtles during the spring and summer, but do not place this particular turtle with them as there is a bully who beats him up consistently (one time he even broke this turtle's jaw!) A fter that last time, I was scared the turtle would die, but with liquid feeding and time, the jaw healed ok. Right now, since he won't eat, I've been giving him Gatorade in his water to drink while he soaks. After soaking, I put on the antibiotic ointment, then place him back in his terrarium inside a towel near the hot rock, which is the place he seems to find most comfortable. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to speed up the healing process? I used to use liquid Vitamin A drops in the water for this condition, but the pet stores say they don't sell that anymore. I don't have access to a vet who treats reptiles.

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