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Re: green anoles...

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Posted by ALanolis on April 07, 2003 at 14:39:07:

In Reply to: green anoles... posted by Chamsrcool on April 06, 2003 at 16:52:15:

:anyways i have a male and female anole in a ten gallon tank. I had them in a 55 gallon tank
The optimal size for an Anole population greater than one, is that there be 10 gallons for each Anole present. This will allow for greater range in overall cage size, making gradients easier to create for your convenience, as well as provide ample room for each Anole to assert a foothold on their own basking/hiding/sleeping spots. Especially if you mix sexes. Males are territorial. And though they rarely confront females, they make it well known that they're in charge, so if you have anything mixed with a male, the bigger the cage the better, to allow the subordinate Anoles space to get away from him if they need to. For two Anoles a 20-25 gallon tank would be optimal. 55 gallons may be slightly too large, though Anoles don't have as measurable a preference toward feeling secure in smaller territories as do some more fidgety lizards.

:They were cuaght three years ago in root to the brown coloration.
If they're stressed, this is likely a primary contributor. Being forced to adapt to a captive environment, diet, and life style is very stressful.

:humidity shows as about 50% but i have a crappy plastic thing so i think its higher than that.
Optimal humidity for most species of Anole is between 60-70%. If you possibly can, try to get ahold of a good hygrometer. On my website, the page "Buy online" links to a couple online reptile stores that sell such items.

:They eat medium sized crickets (the ones that dont have wings yet).
Small crickets are an invaluable addition to an Anole's diet. But remember that it cannot be limited to one insects. The best additions to crickets include "starved" waxworms, nymph roaches, small moths, tiny silkworms, and tiny butterworms. Also make sure you're including some supplements. Aside from keeping insects healthy, dusting once to twice a week is recommended. Two types of dusts need to be utilized, a multivitamin powder, and a calcium powder. The best calcium powder is a D3 free powder, such as Jurassi-Cal.

:They dont spend much time directly under the basking light they tend to stay in a silk tree i have on the hot side of the tank.
The hottest spot in the tank should be on one far end, and should be treated as the "basking spot." This spot is best a mixture of moderate to low vegetation, a few somewhat big horizontal branches no more than 11" from the cage top, and a set of basking lamps that concentrate on the area. This typically attracts the Anoles to bask. The lamps here need to be a good spot bulb and the UV fluorescent. Temps in the basking spot should be between 85F and 92F. The overall temp should be 80 or slightly above, with vegetation throughout. The cool spot, on the far end opposite the basking spot, a good place to put fountains and hiding spots, should be nearing the mid 70s.

:Also i use a UVB light every other day are so becuase i only have one and i have to let my chameleon use it too.
Hope you can get a permanent UVB source for them soon. Keep track of the photoperiods and make sure they're consistent. Their biological clocks are probably a bit confused right now.

If your Anoles are brown due to stress, many things can be the cause:
- Internal parasites
- Discontent with diet
- Biological clock anomalies
- Internal parasites
- External parasites
- Noise pollution
- Free roaming house hold pets
- Malnutrition or illness

With Anoles I have found that stress is inevitable, all you can do is try your best to minimize it.


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