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Re: Pailsus rossignollii - info by R Mastenbrook.

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Posted by Richard Mastenbroek on May 15, 2002 at 04:41:42:

In Reply to: Re: Pailsus rossignollii - info by R Mastenbrook. posted by Raymond Hoser on May 14, 2002 at 18:35:49:


First I donít want this to end in a big argument or fight between the 2 of us, or get any other involved. As I said I build my site purely and alone to provide people from captive information, and did the zoological description and taxonomical note only because the visitors from the site also wants to know how those snakes look like if they read about them. The thing is that I really like the PNG and Irian Jaya fauna as you maybe not know do I keep not only snakes but also mammals from irian Jaya (suger gliders, wallabies), its just a interest I share with this Island.

Taxonomy is for me the same as walking on ice, I just donít know an of from it to go in debat with anyone about it. The description I did on the Kingbrowns on my site are done on the live specimens in my collection and all information given in this chapter is done on what my own eyes see. I describe what I see is the snake black I write down its black is it blue I write down its blue, nothing scientific there. Same for the scale counts, I can not count more of less than I really count.

I also will answer your questions and especially the question about the male combat, because I didnít write about that, but this is valuable information that I forgot to write down.

Your first question about the DNA was a mistake from my site. Nothing is published on this matter but this was just a misunderstanding from me translating English to Dutch. After looking it up I found out that there is a substantial difference between the Kingbrowns from Irian Jaya and mainland Australia, but DNA shows that the genus Pailsus is unwarranted and that everything can be kept in the genus Pseudechis , but than again this is what I read!

Your second question on male/male combat is a interesting question. The sizes between both sexes are quite similar. Males seem to look a bit smaller than females but I donít know the exact ages from the snakes, the only thing I can back up is that all of my snakes are sexual mature. About the male combat I can say I never seen that in captive specimens. I have placed 2 males and one female together in one enclosure to look if the males go in combat for mating with the female. Nothing happened at all, only 3 snakes curled up in the corner of the enclosure. Even know I keep 2 males and one female in the same enclosure and matings with both males are seen. I did this because this female mates every time but does not produce any eggs. There is no combat going on for weeks but only matings are seen in this 2.1 group. I also have kept 3.3 together in a enclosure for about 2 weeks because I was building new enclosures in my snakeroom even than I didnít see any mal/male combat, but also no mating between the individuals were seen.

I will put up more information about the kingbrowns on my site when I have new findings. I also will publish some pictures of mating, egg laying, hatching and juveniles in a short time. The future will bring more information about these wonderful snake.

I hope I could inform you an of?

With Best Regards,

Richard Mastenbroek (Mr Taipan)

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