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Re:=) I can hardly thank you enough........

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Posted by Mic on October 30, 2002 at 20:17:09:

In Reply to: anytime...=)........ posted by mikecoscia on October 30, 2002 at 18:41:07:

Mike, I'm so delighted that you've taken an interest in my project! I think that if everything turns out all right, I'll owe it to you.
I've removed the moss and reweighed my mixture. I'm still a little iffy about the absorption and ratio, so I'm extremely eager to get the ceramics.
Thanks again for your advice and for making me feel better too! =)

:No problem at all, thatís what im here for =). Well you are right about the poultry incubator. Poultry eggs need to be incubated at high temps, and should not drop below 100F, I guess that incubator had something built in to do that. The hovabator is your best bet as im sure you know since you own one. I have that big expensive sportsman hatcher that big apple sells, and I actually like the hovabator better, lol.

:Donít pack the perlite too much. Just measure out the water and perlite so its 1:1 by weight (for example 3 grams water mixed with 3 grams perlite) in a separate container. Donít worry if it looks like there is not enough water, perlite weighs A LOT LESS then water so its deceiving. Just do the finger test like I said after you mix it (move some around with your finger, if the perlite sticks together your good, if not add some more water. If water pools at the bottom after mixing you added too much). After mixing the perlite place it in your incubation container, I use those disposable Ziploc containers (I place just one hole about a 1mm or so on the side of the container, then open it once or every other week to allow total air exchange. Just donít keep it open to long you donít want all the humidity to escape or heat for that matter). Press the perlite down firmly in the container so its not to loose. Then make the depressions with your thumb and place the eggs in them. Push the perlite up to the sides of the eggs so they are held firmly in place, there is no need to cover them completely. I know it sounds hard, but it really isnít. I was extremely nervous to when I first did this. But after years of practice its second nature. You will get the hang of it soon, just practice some, eventually youíll be able to eyeball it alone.

:As far as the moss goes, itís not necessary. The moss will suck up a lot of water and hold on to it for dear life, moss just likes to do that. If you were to place your eggs on that, their surface would be constantly wet or at least very damp. This would provide a haven for fungus. So just use the perlite, its hard granular nature prevents it from compacting like regular soil or vermiculite; this allows air to get under the egg. This in turn keeps the bottom of the egg dry, but the air around it humid. And in the end thatís whatís important, because a growing embryo gets the water it needs by absorbing water vapor in the air through its shell, not sucking it up through the medium, thatís a plant thingÖhehe.

:Anyhoo, I think youíre off to a good start and should be fine. If you have any more questions donít hesitate to e-mail me, address is above. Good Luck again, and let me know how it turns out!

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