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Update on the gumball situation....

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Posted by BrianSmith on April 14, 2003 at 12:00:13:

In Reply to: Albino tic with a tooth ache,.... advice? posted by BrianSmith on April 13, 2003 at 17:24:49:

I checked her gums again last night and the lump was still there. So I sterilized a sharp needle with alcohol and then coated it with triple antibiotic ointment (for lube as well as to deliver some antibiotic into the infection) and I slowly pierced the lump with it. What came out was like nothing I have ever seen before. I pinched the lump gently and a large amount of clear, yet strangley thick, fluid came out. It was so thick that it remained in a ball shape instead of dripping down or puddling. Yet it was as clear as water. I took this fluid in my finger and thumb so as to feel it and to try to get a better grasp on just what it was/is. It stretched easily yet was "wet" by definition. My wife said it resembled hot glue from "one of those hot glue guns". My best guess is that this is most likely pure white blood cells, that due to a lack of oxygen had not hardened to form a scab. I set this aside and squeezed the remaining fluid out until there was none left. Then I lightly coated the tender area with triple antibiotic. Her gums looked completely normal after this, though a little redder on that side. To her credit she was still the entire operation and didn't squirm a bit. What a little trooper. I should give her a fat mouse in lieu of a lolly, lol. I checked the fluid this morning and it had dried into a very hard, whitish form. Very scab-like. I will post her progress as it develops.

:My smallest female albino retic (11ft) has what looks to be a small lump in her gums. I went to feed her Friday and yesterday (Sat) and both days she refused food. As she is usually a pig, this is very unusual for her, so I took the rabbit out and watched her closely. As she was coming towards me I noticed that her right front lips were slightly seperated. So with my wife's assistance I took her out and peeled her upper right lip back. There was/is what appears to be a blister in her upper gums where her foreward-most tooth is. There is no sore or infection, just a clear, marble sized blister. I tried to gently pop it, but it wouldn't pop easily and so I left it alone. So to those that may have seen this before, is this what I assume it is? Is it just a mild liquid filled infection from her own tooth peircing her gums? Will it likely go away in short time if left alone? It obviously doesn't pain her as she never flinched even once when I was attempting to pop it. I would call my vet, but she's off until Wednesday. (Why do these things always happen when my vet is away??) So any advise on this is welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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