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Re: Where is Fred Albury?

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Posted by bobl on February 06, 2003 at 12:20:31:

In Reply to: Re: Where is Fred Albury? posted by dorkdog on February 06, 2003 at 11:11:58:

::You aren't trespassing! You're concerned about your purchase just as any one else would be.
::6 months and no response??? You say you e mailed him 3 times? Have you tried to call him at all?

:I do not have his phone number... and let me set something straight lest you misunderstand... Fred and I had been communicating just fine and all was well (the baby snakes had yet to switch over to rodents; that's why it has been 6 months) until the thing blew up on the Forum here a few weeks ago - since then I have not been able to get a response from him. He may have divorced himself from posting on the forums (as I have)and I have sent him 3 emails over the past week or two.

:Sure, I am concerned; I know Fred has suffered a loss of some relative(s) and I just want to make sure we are still on track somewhere, somehow. I don't want to lose my $140 (or worse, the hognose) but I do not believe that Fred would screw anyone over for $140.00! I just want to find out what is going on, that's all.

:As far as the 'tresspassing' issue is concerned, the 'core' made it very clear to me that I am not welcome here, and that I should go back under the rock I crawled out from. So, I have.

:It is not impossible to raise and enjoy indigos without benefit of this forum. I did it in the '70's, I can do it now.

:Thanks for your help and consideration.

:Landon Johnson
::Hopefully you didn't get burned, but not getting back to you... that sounds fishy to me!
::I'm curious to see how you make out.

::Good Luck


I misunderstood your initial post and took it as though Fred hadn't contacted you in 6 months despite your efforts to contact him, my bad. So you write that you haven't heard from him or been able to contact him for the past few weeks
and all was good between you two until you had your "problems" on this Forum with him and the "core", You also think it may have something to do with the plane accident thing, possibly both?
You make it sound like you are not so much concerned about the money as much as Freds well being or the well being of those snakes. You also say Fred wouldn't stiff you, but yet you were pretty adament that you were getting screwed a few weeks ago when the "Flame Wars" were going on here.
Back then when I was reading all of that nonsense I actually was kind of on your side and thought that your so called "CORE" was ganging up on you because they know of Fred and not you, but looking back you were upset and came off like a jerk the way you wrote your posts. Now it's a kinder gentler DorkDog?
If you come here looking for someone that owes you something just come out with it. Don't pussy foot around saying that you hope he and the snakes are ok and that you don't think he'd screw you.
Would you be looking for him if you didn't think he screwed you? No, you'd just wait for him to get back to you.
Lest you misunderstand me, I wasn't saying that Fred was out to burn you, I hope that's not the case. He seems like a nice enough guy. I said it just sounds fishy that he hasn't gotten back to you.
Also, what is up with this "CORE" Bull Sh!t???
Where does that crap come from anyway? You and many others make it sound like there's a bunch of Dry keepers in hoods and sheets here waiting to gang up on any hapless outsider that dares venture to this Forum and voice an opinion or ask a question. No gang bangin, groups of evil herpers, or "Core" troopers waiting to banish you from here, just serious enthusiasts.


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