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Re: Would a Leu.TX Rat x indigo be possible??

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Posted by 2Garters on November 28, 2002 at 11:38:10:

In Reply to: Re: Would a Leu.TX Rat x indigo be possible?? posted by Dwight Good on November 28, 2002 at 02:27:09:

::Does anyone know if this would be possbile to do? Im assuming its not, but thought it cant hurt to ask. Thanks to anyone who answers.

:Possible? Yes.. but it would require some 'skill' to say the least. Your female leucy would likely be ripped apart by a male indigo in spite of any attempts to restrain him. In addition, you would definitely need to have a female indigo on hand to get him in the mood. Indigos aren't exactly the easiest snakes to acquire/keep/breed, etc. Do you know how much a captive bred indigo costs??

Yes. Ive seen them for as low a $650 and as much as $1150, is NOT an issue at all. What is an issue is...finding a pair of indigos. Thats why I was even considering a hybrid.

I'll give you a hint... it's a helluva lot more than $15-20 each like other colubrids.

No crap!

No offense, but why would you even go through the trouble of attempting this cross? While I certainly get a kick out of riling up the dry/pit crowd on occasion (hehe), crossing an indigo to a texas rat is blasphemy even in my book! If you can afford a pair of indigos.. why not breed them to each other and produce more indigos? *light bulb*

Same as above

:My personal advice would be to find a more ambitious hybridization project. Scrap the leucistic Texas X 'whatever I can get' idea. Think about it, no matter what you breed a leucistic Texas rat to, the eventual result will be a white snake with blue eyes in the F2 generation, so why bother? A white snake is a white snake bud... regardless if it is pyro/greeri/campbelli/guttata/holbrooki/floridana/obsoleta/sirtalis/thayeri/platyrhinos/ruthveni or whatever you decide to mix it with. Does this make sense?


:It's a free country so I guess you can do what you want. I'm willing to bet your rat snake x indigo cross fails though, even though it is possible. 2garters, don't take this the wrong way I am definitely not trying to be rude or inflammatory towards you. Just giving you my opinions, :)

No offense taken...Im open to opinions.
Do you think I should just buy a regular tx rat that is het for leucistic and red phase? Regalreptiles has a few of those that I was considering since everyone says not to do what I want to try.

Heres what I wanted to accomplish with my hybrid play. I was hoping to find something to cross my leucy with that is Larger(in girth) that a texas rat. I wanted to eventually (f2 or later)be able to produce white(leucy)babies that would be a lot fatter/bigger than normal rats. Thats why I wanted to cross breed it with something fairly big like a fox snake, indigo, etc.. Since you seem to be a expert...Is there any snakes you know of that would give me that result I want? Thanks

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