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Re: GTP???????????????

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Posted by Maxwell The BD on November 25, 2002 at 18:15:34:

In Reply to: Re: GTP??????????????? posted by Julian Garcia on November 25, 2002 at 16:27:49:

:Well, both are very different from each other. Husbandry requirements, feeding and temperament are both very different. You can get a well started off ball python in the 50-200 dollar range were a well started Chondro will be more in the 400-600 dollar range. Both species I would avoid “bargin” animals, “Captive Hatched/ Farmed” animals and WC animals at all cost. I have kept both species of boid. And I feel as chondro pythons have more personality. But again… it is very hard to compare the two. I would say if you are looking for an animal you can handle a lot I would look at ball pythons.. As the majority of chondro pythons (CBB) are usually not aggressive, excessive handling will stress them. I would consider them a “Hands Off” animal. Their husbandry requirements (though not difficult) are very more unforgiving then that of a ball python. As a ball python can thrive in a 20 gal. long fish tank. Where your going to have to look for something a bit more custom for a Chondro Python..

:If your looking for a good “Pet” Ball Pythons win hands down. If your looking for “Living Art” Both have spectacular designer lines, but there is something about a perched yellow, blue or green chondro that goes straight to my heart. and weigh your odds. Which ever you decide… Do your self and the herp community a favor and buy a CBB animal from a respected dealer. I can not stress this enough.

:Julian Garcia

Thanks for the extensive reply, i havent had one of those for a long time. I think that the gtp's r defnitely hands down the most beatiful snake, but i was leaning towards the ball python due to price, but maybe when i'm older i can consider a gtp. Thanks again.


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