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Re: Right, and we never did anything stupid as teens either

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Posted by bloomindaedalus on April 17, 2003 at 19:35:38:

In Reply to: Re: Right, and we never did anything stupid as teens either posted by Kanuck on April 17, 2003 at 11:52:26:

"he deserves to lose an eye" is avery misleading phrase
its not like some authority doled out a punishment that said for crimes aginst "frogs and men, you must be blinded"
it a simple matter of consequnce. yes it is horribly sad. I feel terrible for the kid, and i was mostly kidding about being prosecuted for creulty but i think that punishment sometimes arises as natural consequnce. Nobody "deserves to lose an eye" but if you shoot yourself in the face, you "get to lose an eye" There is a big difference between engaging in an action and being sentenced to a punishment by a sentient being and being victim of cause and effect. I think if the story headline had been "kid was found shooting frogs from potato gun," you'd all be appalled and hope he was some how reprimanded. i wish we could go back and just yell at him or take his gun away or fine him or something but its too late to save his eyes OR the frog.I do hope his life is not ruined and i regret that i made light of a serious situation. But i do think its horrible that anyone would choose to use an animal for sport. And yes, for the record i am against using live bait or fishing for that matter at all except in the case that the animal will be consumed. I also don't like to see some forms of "live feeding" done. I am a herp lover like you all and i have fed my share of rats and birds to snakes, fish and insects to turtles, even rabbits and larger animals to gators but i hate to see animals die prolonged painful deaths. So i don't, for example, feed frogs to turtles or rodents to large lizards, as these animals take forever to kill their prey. But, of course, i am making an arbitrary choice, i recognize that. Who am i to decide what's cruel and what's not? Well, until we're granted omnipotence i guess all we can do is make value judgements for ourselves and not for others. And in my judgemnet if you abuse an animal you should be "punished" if we live in a soceity that claims to prosectue "animal creuelty"
What constitutes "animal creulty" is to be decided by voters and legislators, but once it exists it should stand. So if a kid were caught shooting frogs from a gun and would "normally" be punished, than so should this unfortunate kid. But i think in most cases any judeg would decide he has learned his lesson. Ita terrible thing for all involved.

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