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Thanks Steve.

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Posted by Chance on April 24, 2003 at 19:15:03:

In Reply to: long interjection... posted by steve h on April 24, 2003 at 18:07:55:

:Jeremy's feathers may be a bit ruffled from the time you came on these forums as basically a "newbie" and announced your intentions and then stated some of the things you were doing. You were soundly tongue lashed(by some very experienced keepers, I might add), and probably rightfully so...

Jeremy's feathers are certainly still ruffled, and seem like they're never 'not' going to be. But I guess he's just one of those people that has to always try to start things. There are far too many of those types here on this board, and without them this place might be quite a bit more productive.

:What then? You did not quietly follow through on your intentions anyway, you followed through, threw it in people's faces (you told everyone here what you were doing). And continued to take flack for it. You then had several difficulties with some snakes (can't remember all the details), which you delineated here on the forums, for those who had warned you to see. More flack.

I did have some difficulties with a juvenile cobra I acquired. That snake was a neonate that had evidently never eaten in its life (not just my opinion there) and was shipped before it was ready. I've made that dealer's name known on other forums and will never be making any other purchases from him. The other snake that I ever posted having any troubles with was a mangrove, and as you probably know, mangroves can be incredibly difficult snakes, even for very experienced keepers. I find it funny though that even when I tried to make a post in attempts to help other people that also had stubborn mangroves, that I was berated about that as well. Oh well, just see my comments above on these individuals. Just like in this case, I was simply posting some ideas for a very safe mamba cage, and look what happens. Funny that.

:I too started with little to no "snake" experience, and got some good "hot" stuff. I was warned. I didn't argue with those keepers that had warned me, and come back here to tell them I was deliberately ignoring their advice, and throw my errors out there to be devoured...instead I learned all I could, as quick as I could, and did the best I could. 2 years later and no bites, and many healthy snakes...and I learn new stuff all the time, plus I'm very much a beginner compared to most of the people on here and their vast amount of knowledge.

Sounds excellent. I too have had no bites or even close calls and have some very healthy snakes in my collection. Anyway, if you notice, the only time I ever showed any "attitude" was in responce to someone show the same to me. I'm never one to jump someone's case like so many here, but you can bet that if someone jumps mine for no good reason (like in this current instance) I'm not going to sit iddly by. That being said, I'm finished with the above poster and will no longer respond to anything he says on this because I'm *not* going to let him turn a very informative post into an excuse for him to get his jollies off by berating someone. Anyway, thanks for your reply.

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