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Brian,Apologies and an explanation of my opinion>>More(long)

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Posted by highlander1 on April 18, 2003 at 22:20:02:

In Reply to: The irony here in my opinion is that you actually ,... posted by BrianSmith on April 18, 2003 at 21:15:33:

It seems that when someone other than yourself has an otherwise opinionated option to give, you get defensive and start talking about your years of experience.Well dont because it makes you IMO seem like a very shallow individual.

Now let me explain in simple terms what i meant about the scents and defensive biting.Snakes in general aren't stupid and dumb like MOST people seem to think.They may have small brains but they can differentiate to an extent what is going on around them.Now if you take a snake that has been with someone for lets say around 5 years and its tame as a baby,Now you buy the snake and all of a sudden its a demon from hell.Now why is it that that snake was so seemingly gentle with the previous owner and an all out demonic possession with you?This is IMHO why.The snake in ? was used to the person,environment,surroundings,etc.and was changed from the otherwise safe surroundings to something out of this world to it.This is where scent comes into play.They were used to the scents,smells,odors,etc. around them which is why they were so demonic around you,different scents,smells,environment,etc.

Now as for the lysol thing.Heres my most humble opinion.It was partly a feeding/defensive response triggered by the lysol.Now from what i get from the original post is that he only wore it when handling her (nowhere in the thread does it say while feeding).Unless he told you something i dont know then i'll stick to whats in the thread.Now if he was wearing the lysol for umpteen years and all of a sudden she gets defensive and bites then maybe just maybe he put too much on (considering that lysol gets stronger the more you spray),wasnt evaporated enough (to the extent where it wasnt so strong),or she was just in a mood to bite.Snakes do this on occasion but i'm sure you knew that (sarcasm).Now why the wrap you're probably wondering.Well most snakes tend to take nervousness and shaking to be a sign of food so when she bit he reacted nervously and she decided he was food and proceded to wrap.A simple case of mistaken identity with the culprit being lysol.Now this is my last post on this subject because i feel that i have explained as best i could.If by chance you think that this post is stupid or ignorant then do yourself and me a favor and dont read my posts because they may not be to your years of experience liking.Even with years experience you can never learn everything and sometimes someone like me tries to help (a little sarcastic yes but help none the less) so learn to cope and deal with it and we'll all be happy in the end.Have a happy weekend Regards Bill McLeod

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