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The irony here in my opinion is that you actually ,...

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Posted by BrianSmith on April 18, 2003 at 21:15:33:

In Reply to: Not trying to be rude or seem smarter just pointing >>>more posted by highlander1 on April 18, 2003 at 12:41:07:

..... got it all wrong from the beginning and STILL have it completely wrong. How you can go on and on here trying to act like you got something that us "professionals" didn't get is absurd. This was a case of a snake taking a person in a feeding mode mistake of identity. The obviousness of this lies in the simple fact that she bit, held on, and wrapped for over two minutes until she was warded off with lysol. Stop being so smug,. you're wrong. This is not a case where the python did these actions because his arm smelled "unusual". (your words). In all actuality,. because of years of applying the lysol to his arms before taking her out, this would be a very USUAL smell indeed and would always be in the air prior to being fed. So of course she associates it with being fed. And for you to state that a snake shouldn't be hungry 5 days after having a full meal is equally as absurd as the rest of what you have said here. If I allowed my large pythons to eat what they wanted when they wanted to, they would have what I call a "max meal" about every 5 days. Because that's how long they take to digest a max meal. Dude,. you really need to gather some facts together before you try to spew knowlegde. You really just make yourself appear silly. And here as you said in your own words of wisdom, you "knowed" it all along, lol. Please don't bother to respond to this with any further negative posts. It would be futile as I won't ever even waste my time opening your ignorant posts. They spew of inferiority complex syndrome. So I am doing this forum a favor here and now and officially ending this ridiculous exchange that you just had to start. Ta.

:Out the obvious for the so called professionals who think they seem to know everything about something when they obviously dont.It would seem to me that if the big girl ate a 10 lb rabbit just 5 days earlier that she obviously wouldnt be hungry UNLESS that was his feeding schedule.A 10 lb rabbit should do a burm that small for at least a couple of weeks.Why is it that you professionals seem to think that everytime one of these snakes happen to bite someone that its a feeding error,You,Rob,and numerous others as well.Sometimes it may be a feeding error which is fine and dandy but not everytime one decides to have an outright bad day or smells something other than food.

: Now you can take this post however you like but just remember one thing, there is someone always around the corner that may happen to know something that you dont and will more than likely share it with you in the future so suck it in and get on with life.Oh and since you seem to think that anyones post other than yours are borderline stupid then do yourself a favor and dont read them.There are people in this world that just happen to keep snakes as pets and study their every movement and reactions to certain situations,just because you DONT doesnt mean that someone else is stupid.Bottom line practice what you preach. Regards Bill McLeod

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