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Re: Value/demand for Northern Pine x Bull hybrids??

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Posted by Kottonmouth on March 13, 2003 at 19:33:25:

In Reply to: Re: Value/demand for Northern Pine x Bull hybrids?? posted by BILLY on March 13, 2003 at 00:20:02:

Hey Billy, thanks alot for the comments. I have no idea what the heritage of them are because the guy I got them from has no idea. Believe me, I've tried. He traded them to me as Southerns. I knew as soon as I opened the bag, they were not southerns. The only problem is knowing what the hell they actually are. I've had them for almost 4 months now. It's so odd to have animals that you have no clue what species they even are. As far as northerns with the straw color you said about, I've thought of that but their pattern starts out almost exactly like a northern near the neck but halfway down the body, looks like a bull, and near the tail is a combination. Also, the male is YELLOW. They female is more greyish. Which is another reason I think they're hybrids, just showing different traits of both species. And it's obvious they're siblings. I've even asked the guy I got them from if he knew where the guy was from that he got them from (got that?) and he doesn't remember. So I'm totally on my own with figuring out the history of these things. I will get pics posted as soon as I can. I don't have a digital camera so I'm gonna have to take pics and have them put on a disk and then upload them.

Hi. I believe I have an adult pair of Northern pine/bull hybridsI received in a trade as Southern Pines. They are not southerns. Basically they look like yellow Northerns. The pattern's a combination of the 2 species. They're really cool and would be great if they were an actual Pit species.

: Could you post some pics? Especially before you attempt to breed them? I am sure that some of the regulars here would be able to tell you, maybe, by looking at some pics what they are. I think that some Northerns have some tan/straw colors. Who did you get these from? What exactly did they say about the heritage of these animals??

: (Why do people hybridize animals? I hate the thought of it.It ruins the pure species)

: Beats me. If I ever breed snakes again, I would in no way ever breed hybrids. I am thinking of the long term effects of hybridization, and it is sad that most proponents of hybrids don't.

:Anyway, I was planning on breeding them because they're ready but is there even a point, and is it even right to perpetuate more mutts? At the very least for people that are interested in hybrids, are they worth anything?

: Well, only you can make that decision for yourself. IF you are concerned about reproducing possible mutts, then just wait and find out 100% what you have. Knowlingly producing mutts, in my opinion, is irresponsible, and you seem like you are trying to do the right thing. The question of " is it right?" may be a hard one to grasp since opinions from both ends are combative. I do like your willingness to find out what they are.

: A snake is worth what the buyers are willing to pay. From my experience with seeing mutts for sale, I could be wrong but it seems like they don't sell as well. Remember, hybrids wouldn't exist without the pure bloodlines existing first. I am very serious about what snakes come into my collection. Since a lot of people breed in this hobby, the chances of selling mutts to breeders who are trying to keep everything as pure as they can are slim to none. I am all for anyone giving any snake, hybrid or not, a good home.

:Or maybe I should just keep these poor animals so nobody else can pollute another bloodline. One thing in their favor though, they are really nice looking animals. I'd like to get some pics up soon so you guys can see them and give your opinions but for now, I'd just like to know what you think about reproducing them and their value. Thanks alot.

: I am sure that they are killer animals, and please post some pics! Someone here may be able to help out your situation. If they are hybrids and you don't want to breed them, keep them and give them good homes.

:Keep us posted! Take care!


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