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Posted by girliegirl on May 08, 2003 at 16:02:56:

In Reply to: Veronicag.... look here posted by veronicag on May 08, 2003 at 15:44:10:

...the waxies can be kept in the frige too. I have some in the frige now that have been there since March and none have died so far (they turn black when they die). They perfer pine shavings to bran, but either will work. :o)

:It's really easy to keep waxies, supers and mealies. The ones in the photo are mealworms. I keep them in crunched up corn flakes in a medium sized tupperware container (sealed of course) in the refrigerator. They will last for months like that. Every other week I let them warm up to room temp and feed them some fruit or veggies, then back in the fridge they go! They are the only ones you should refrigerate, the cold will kill the wax worms and the supers.

:The wax worms are also to keep and are my beardies favorite because of the soft shell. Put them on bran in a medium sized container and put a lid on top but leave it open a little so air can get in. You don't want the bran to get any moisture. The moisture will harm the wax worms. They like it dry. I keep them at room temp which right now is around 70. When it warms up in the summer, I may not be able to keep waxies until it cools down again. When the waxies grow up they will turn into moths that will escape. The warmer the temp the faster they will grow. You don't feed them.

:Supers are a little more work, but worth it. Just keep them like the waxies, in a container with the lid slightly off but they will climb out so make sure it's deep enough. You probably want a few inches from the top of the bran to the top of the container. Supers have to be fed or they will turn into cannibals and eat eachother! You can lose a lot of supers this way. The best way is to put fresh food (sliced up potato, orange, mango...) on top of their bran every other day and remove the dried food too. You can actually watch the supers chomp down on the food if they are hungry enough.

:It's tough with mom's who don't want bugs in the house. I completely understand. If the container is deep enough for the supers, they can not escape. If you put a screen or something on top of the waxies container to let air in and keep any moths in, they won't escape either. And even if a moth gets out they don't live but a few days or so. And the mealies are best kept in the fridge because they will last 10 times longer in there and don't have to be fed that often at all!

:Good luck!

::What is in that tupperware container? Looked like superworms to me, but wasn't sure. Do you keep them sealed inside the container? I've got this new problem around the house, my mom doesn't want me to have ANY bugs at all... this is a problem in more ways than one, as I have 2 beardies, a spotted turtle and 1.1.1 sugar gliders(gratz to the parents) that all like to eat insect food. Now, super worms scare the gliders, and I can just get a couple crix at a time if I need them, but the turtle and beardies absolutely relish superworms.

::Please tell me your methods of keeping and breeding the biting little buggers (in small containers if at all possible) so that I can again feed my animals the food they need... and consequently bang their heads on plexiglas for. The last batch of supers I had was kept at about 60-65 degrees (I know a bit cold) but they all died within a month... not a single one pupated.... well, except that one that lived long enough in the glider cage to get under the pine shavings.


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