Further Details on Env. Ed. Workshops Sept.15-17.

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Posted by jr - further Details from Penny H. on September 04, 2000 at 16:14:51:

In Reply to: Here is the Online Registration Form, please reg. soon. posted by jr - more from Penny H. on September 04, 2000 at 16:00:40:

You can just sign-up for the "Amphibian Watch" or "Call Count", but there are more things also going on. If you need more info. send an email./Joe Rigdon **************************************************

FURTHER DETAILS FOLLOW for those of you to whom this may be
may also
email me if you want more information on any of the sessions, etc. or
the goals of the BAEE.

We will provide CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits
according to the number of hours that you participate in. EVERY teacher
has to have CPE's after Sept. 1st; the number needed is variable
according to DATE of certification and LEVEL, but 9 is the
lowest and it has to be off campus and no pay, etc. We meet all
other criteria as well...content, knowledge, skills, collaboration,
practicality, applicaton to real world, community involvement, etc. etc.

Some of the workshops also give TEEAC credit. That is Texas
Environmental Education Advisory Committee credit. This means
in some districts and not so much in others, BUT it does give you a PD

+++++++++++++The Borderless Alliance for EE
and the College of Science, Engineering and Technology,
University of Texas at Brownsville

+++++++++++++++++++++++++ Present +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

+++++++++ GET WILD! Teaching Wild Institute II +++++++++++++

Date: Friday 9/15/2000 - Sunday, 9/17/00

Event Site: University of Texas at Brownsville
City: Brownsville
State: TX
Penny Hartwell
14 Casa Linda
Brownsville, Texas, 78521
(956) 831-1023 day; 544-3148 evn;
544-7808 fax

This is a Capacity Building Session for Binational EE and a festival of
teacher training workshops directed at classroom teachers, non-formal
educators or any interested individual. It is organized by the Southern
Texas / Northern Mexico Alliance for Environmental Education: the
Borderless Alliance for EE and presented in partnership with the
University of Texas at Brownsville.

Friday will offer introductions to the various popular workshops being
offered, the "partner" group, and a brief overview of the field trips.
Effort will be made to draw attention to the upcoming NAAEE 29th
annual conference to be the following month on South Padre Island , just
27 miles from Brownsville. There are two special speakers on Friday:
Carlos Yruretagoyena, who is coming from the Western US/Mexico
region of Mexcali, MX - San Diego, CA area who will address Cross
Leadership Initiatives & Curricula so that we may learn from that
region's experiences and the other is the keynote speaker, Carlos
Rubinstein, our Rio Grande Water Master who will address our common
issue of water conservation.

Saturday, there will be 9 workshops offered concurrently, each is
"sponsored" by one of the Borderless Alliance's Partners: Cross Border
Leadership and EE Activities/Partner: Audubon Sabal Palm Sanctuary;
Proyecto WIld/Partner: Ecology Club from Matamoros, Mexico;
Adopt-A-Wetland/Partner: Episcopal Day School Nature Classes;
Composting/Partner: Citizens of Brownsville; Texas Watch-Non-Point
Source Pollution & Water Quality Monitoring/Partner: UTB Water
Guidelines for Excellence in EE, K-12/Partner: Earth Care Organization;
Texas Parks & Wildlife's Amphibian Watch/Partner: Valley
Society; Nature Trackers & Gardening for Mariposas/Partner: Cameron
County Horticultural Society; Project Learning Tree/Partner: Arroyo
Colorado Audubon Society.

Field trips will offer a Tour to Sabal Palm Sanctuary and an Amphibian
Call Count Friday evening; A tour of Butterfly Gardens & a Butterfly
Farm, or a tour/activites at Pan American Coastal Studies Lab on South
Padre, both on Sunday afternoon.

Table Exhibits from participating groups will begin at 5:00 PM on
Friday, Capacity Building Session at 6:00 PM and Keynote at 8:00 PM.
Workshops begin at 9:00 AM - box lunch ($7.00 pre-register) or bring
your own and join the networking lunch on campus. Workshops end at
4:00 PM Saturday with a closing circle followed by a social. If
participating in all events, teachers may acquire 18 hours of
professional development with prior approval from their principal

I need to know that you ( and who else ?) are coming on Friday night.
I need to know those who are coming ONLY on Friday night.
Friday is open to any and everyone, but those participating in Saturday
trainings are requested( expected) to attend on Friday night as well for
the general session. ( If there is a special situation, etc. where you
cannot attend, please talk to me, but Friday, the speakeers need an
audience and we need to inform you of what this is "all about." )

Friday we will begin at 5:oo with tabling from some of the programs and
you can visit with the presenters even if you are not attending the
Saturday workshop. The presentations begin at 6:00 PM sharp with my
colleague, Caros Y, from Mexicali/San Diego who will address Cross
Border Intitiatives experienced in his region so that we may learn from
them, etc. Then the presenting alliance partners will introduce the
presenters, etc. Next at 8:00 PM is our keynote speaker, Carlos
Rubinstein , who will talk about water conservation..an issue pertinent
to us all.

I need to know which of the workshops you would like to participate in:

Cross Border Linkages and Curriculum Initiatives: continue discussions
about the work being done in the Western US/Mex area and in the
afternoon, you will do activities from WET, PLT, and WILD or others
you can do with youth , etc.

Proyecto WILD : 34 activities from WILD and WILD Aquatic that are in
Spanish. Active participation for teaching about wildlife conservation.

Adopt a Wetland : discussions on Coastal and Inland Wetlands and
surrounding Wetland Conservation; learn water testing techniques and do
activities from popular workshops.

Non-Point SOurce Pollution & Water Quality Monitoring: Discussions of
what NonPoint Pollution IS and then learn the water tests down at the
resaca. Part 1 & 2 of becoming an official wanter monitor. Part 3 will
be discussed to be arranged later.

Master Composting: Learn how to do back yard composting, regular or
with earthworms and in the afternoon take a tour of the Brownsville
composting facilities, transportation provided.

Excelence in EE: Guidelines for EE K-12: Learn about the ten year
project to establish voluntary guidelines for learning in the
professional field of EE. Active and interesting discussions about what
EE (environmental education) IS !

Amphibian Watch: Learn about how amphibians can be used as
for environmental quality. Learn how to identify them by sight and by
sound. Learn how to help monitor their populations and any environmetal
stresses they may be encountering.

Nature Trackers-Gardening for MariposasL Learn about the various
programs that the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. has for monitoring
wildlife around the state. In the afternoon, learn how to landscape
with native plants, then learn about the butterflies that will come to
utilize your landscaping!

Project Learning Tree: A popular workshop by the Forestry folks; this
is the one that started them all! Come get fun hands-on activities to
use to teach about habitat. It has taken us many many years to get this
workshop down here to Brownsville!

Some of these have materials which cost a small amount, nothing is
over $15.00, and some are totally FREE. The first two are in Spanish or
totally bilingual, Check the fliers.

I need to know if you (and anyone else) is coming to any of the field

Sat: Meet at Sabal Palm at 7:00 and stay for Amphibian Call (admission
$3.00) , or just come at 8:30 to the Amphibian Call Count (no charge).

Sun: Meet at Sunnyside Day School on Coria Street in Brownsville to car
pool for the Butterfly gardening tour at 2:00 PM with an admission of


tour the Coastal Studies Lab on the Island, with activities and slide
presentation about the ecology of the Island and Laguna Madre. (no

There will be a closing circle at 4:00PM with a reception, maybe
entertainment and we already have at least one VERY nice door prize.

I need to know if you want us to provide a box lunch and drink for
$7.00 payable in advance or if you are planning to brown bag it. We
everyone to remain on campus if possible for a "networking lunch"
binational interaction..it will be very interesting to say the least.

PLEASE COME!!! Don't be left out.

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