Hey Raul, Tokay Geckos are cool. Handle with Care and

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Posted by jr on September 04, 2000 at 14:20:57:

In Reply to: NEED HELP ABOUT A GECKO, NEED INFO ABOUT A SHOW, ETC....... posted by Raul on September 03, 2000 at 21:41:15:

- use nice thick gloves. I kept one in a 10 gal with potting soil and Golden Pothos growing in it. It liked to hide behind the plants against the back glass wall. It ate crickets, june bugs, grasshoppers, small mice, and cicadas.

It also bit my glove once while I held it and wouldn't let go. I had to slide my hand out of the glove and my Tokay ran up the bedroom wall with my glove still in it's mouth.

Do you know what to do if your Tokay ever bites and holds on to your hand? Yell -just kidding- and then try putting it under a sink with running water. They are cool but handle with care.

I haven't been bitten by a Tokay but the running water worked well on a Savannah Monitor that bit me and didn't want to let go.

There is also a Leopard Gecko forum and Bearded Dragon forum if you don't find enough info here.

I used a Large Plastic Tortilla Warmer with a doorhole drilled in the lid as my Leopard Gecko nesting box. Inside I had moist Spagnum moss. The whole thing was placed in the cage - a large Rubbermaid Storage Container with sand and a heating pad underneath. My female laid 12 eggs this year, 3 hatched, 1 survived. The move to DFW and back really didn't help them.

As far as the Houston Expo - I'm out. Check with their ETHS forum or the ETHS Society website for more info on it.


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