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Tanith, I think the bottom line is that you.....

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Posted by oreganus on May 11, 2003 at 22:19:36:

In Reply to: I don't. posted by MsTT on May 11, 2003 at 22:02:55:

Disagree with venomoids and you have a right to your opinion. I just think it kind of funny that you have so much of a problem with animals being humanely kept, but I bet you aren't at the zoo lecturing everyone for keeping wild animals that normally roam over miles in freedom in cement pens with some dirt and a tree or two. I think that does definately not qualify as humane. If you want to take a stance, then why not go all the way. If not, then lets just answer questions about the husbandry of these beautiful animals and email people privately that agree with our ethics? I have no problem with anyone on this forum that wants to slam me, but it is a waste of time to me, when we could all be sharing our knowledge of herps like the forum was intended.
PS- the threats that were made were real, they are not a fabrication. I think they should be given to the police, then the coward who made them could come out in the light and show us just exactly how tough they are.

::The irony of this is that Rich is one of the few people who does the surgery under hygenic conditions, sterile equipment and proper post opp care including antibiotics.

:You sterilize modeling clay and newspapers how, exactly?

:Mr. Ritchey is one of the better operators in the business; he doesn't use razor blades on refrigerated snakes. But that doesn't mean his tools are appropriate or adequate. Specifically he is missing post-op pain meds, a ventilator that does IPPV, a pulse oximeter or another monitoring device to check for adequate O2 levels and anything resembling a sterile operating surface. The procedure described for cleaning his instruments is also considered inadequate for invasive surgery.

::Removing the glands has no effect on the health of the animal in relationship to hot snakes which are fed prekilled prey, thus removing predisgestion as an issue.

:Removing your tonsils without bothering to use post-op pain meds would have no long term effect on your health, but it would not be a very pleasant experience.

::If a person is against venomoiding, great. Good on em. Don't buy em. But don't continue the same divisive behaviour and certainly don't go into the gutter and start threatening violence. If you have an opinion, do it maturely and logically.

:Frankly I have not seen any evidence that there was a genuinely violent threat. I think that anything Mr. Ritchey has (if he has anything at all) should be turned over to the authorities, and they can decide who did it and whether it is a real threat.

:I agree that violent threats are not acceptable behavior, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to cheerfully tolerate snake abuse. As long as people keep putting their venomoids in our faces, a lot of us are going to continue to say what we think of this cruel and unnecessary practice.


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